Thursday, August 11


Hi friends! Long lost, dear, neglected friends. I’m back! For real this time…

I wanted to take my first post back in, like, forever, to share some things that I am way, way too excited about:

My ThermoMix. I cannot emphasize the ridiculous awesomeness of this machine.Upon receiving it, I felt like a five-year-old girl with a remote control pink Barbie Jeep at Christmas. Seriously, I just want to grind, mince, dice, chop, sauté, etc. EVERYTHING. It’s rather dangerous actually.
My attempt at GF naan bread. Tasted good, but was definitely not naan bread...
Brussels sroupts with meatballs and mushroom sauce made in the TM.
Spinach and feta muffins
Green smoothies. Using the above mentioned TM, I have been making some delicious green smoothies, combining almost any plant material in the kitchen to create these fantastic monstrosities.
I know you with you could drink this...
 Creamy soups. In case you haven’t noticed, I love soup. I mean LOVE. I could eat it all day eerr day. The TM has made that possible.
Curried carrot soup
Potato and leek soup
My new haircut. So this information is a little bit late, but I got my hair cut! I really love it, and so does everyone else (phew).
 The possibility that I might be getting a job sometime soon. This seems like a no-big-deal kind of thing, but I am so ready to work on something! There are a few things in the works, and hopefully one of them will pan out. Fingers crossed!

The fact that we now know where we will be living (*big smile*). We won’t be in until October, and possibly November, but it’s a nice place. I’m stoked. Buying furniture, appliances, and décor is making me way too excited.

And finally…

IT’S GETTING WARMER!!! Despite popular, narrow-minded belief, not all of Africa is hot all the time. I hate to break it to you, but it gets cold here in SA. Like, snow cold. Also, because Africans are much “closer to nature” (translation: don’t have central heating), I’ve been spending my days wrapped up in a robe while snuggled in blanket only getting up to munch some comforting carb or creamy soup. I like to think of myself as a caterpillar- snuggled up, cozy, and looking a little too plump, just waiting for spring to emerge and be beautiful (again). Ha. All jokes aside though, today was the first day that I didn’t feel like eating everything in the pantry, which I attribute to the 75 degree weather. Ye-yah! Spring is almost here. Me likey.

I have to say, now that everything is settling down and falling into place, I’m really starting to miss The Land of the Free. And my fam, of course. Love you guys. Every day has been a learning experience here. It’s different being in a new place, and a new home, with a new family, but we’re working on building our life together… and I’m so excited to see where it’s going to take us.