Friday, October 29

It’s OK to Cut It Short

Hello everyone! Yesterday’s running was quite an experience I thought I’d share. When I run, I hate to quit early. But sometimes you just gotta be ok with it.

Every day when I walk, run, bike, what have you, I take my dogs. We have 6, so I can always find willing participants. Today I took Lucy and Max.

About 20 minutes into my workout, Lucy ran over to a bush and began sniffing around excitedly. Max stayed completely apathetic, as usual. I walked over and there, before my eyes, was this adorable, terrified kitty.

My sister and I named her Tempi for short from my favorite show “Bones” :D. We brought her home and the rest of my day was spent looking for a home for poor little Tempi. Luckily, I found her original owners who were very thankful to have her back. However, I was horribly appalled to find out Tempi’s real name is Rafiki. I wanted to say, “She is not a boy or a monkey.” Ugh, people sometimes.

So, I was happy to return the kitty, but unhappy about my mediocre workout. So to make up for it, I did a little bit of working out a few times during the evening. 10 minutes of running around the yard like a maniac with my dogs and 10 minutes of biking later, my workout was complete. It didn’t do much for “training” purposes, but I got my calorie burning in for the day. And I got to save a cute kitty from a tree.

The moral of this story (complete with cute pics) is that its ok to cute your workout short sometimes. Just because you don’t get a full run, or cycling session in doesn’t mean you can’t have a complete workout. Walk a little faster than usual to your class or to work. Run up the stairs instead of trudging slowly. Maybe even do an indoor ab workout like these ones from Hulu:

Total Body Pilates

10 Minute Abs

Yoga: Hips, Thighs, and Buns

Exercise is exercise. It doesn’t have to be your typical routine. Give yourself some credit.

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