Saturday, October 30

Poppin' Pills

Hello fellow healthy people! We all know that we should take our vitamins. But, I’m not gonna lie- I don’t take mine as regularly as I should. You get busy and realize, “Crap. I forgot my pills…” Or you just say, “I don’t feel like swallowing a million pills today…”

There are about 50 different supplements that could help me be healthier, make me have a Super-human physique or whatever. But let’s be practical. I do not have the time, money, or room in my stomach for that many pills or liquids. SoI have come up with a list of supplements that I think are the best bang for your buck, time, and space in your stomach.

BUT WAIT! Before we get to this list, I have to add a plug for my favorite natural supplement, beauty, and hygiene company. COUNTRY LIFE! Its really great, practical, and diverse. Check it out!

Anyway, without further ado, I give you...

Best Supplements of All Time 

(All of these are gluten-free).

5. Dolphins Pals DHA Gummies for kids

(I like to leave out the “for kids” part)

Ok so these are probably not the most suitable omega oils for an adult to take, but come on.    They are possibly the most delicious supplements that I have ever tasted (and I have tasted A LOT of supplements). I actually have to limit my intake of these a day. Otherwise, I would eat the whole bottle… My sister and I fight over the red ones.

4. Stress Sheild

This stuff is a life-saver. My mom calls them  "Happy Pills". I take 2 when I’m feeling a little crabby or stressed, and it calms me right down. I can focus better and think more clearly when I have these on hand.

3. Enzymes

I seriously CANNOT live without these. Since I am gluten-intolerant, eating out is somewhat of a mission. It’s ok when you go to large chains that have allergy specific menus, but places like Bubba’s Barbeque Shack and Ping Pong's Chinese Cuisine are less sympathetic.

**On a side note, if you can’t get a restaurant to comply with your allergy needs and they don’t seem to want to understand, I have a phrase that will change everything. Just say, "I WILL DIE and my family will sue you."  It solves everything :D

Helps to break down proteins often associated with wheat and gluten

  • Taken after meals
  • Breaks down protein, fat, and carbohydrate

This one is great because I sometimes forget to take my enzymes before I eat.

*Vegetarians- see Maxi-Zyme

2. Buffered Vitamin C

Everyone should have a good Vitamin C in their cupboard to fight of any bugs that are flying around. This one has Calcium Carbonate and Magnesium Oxide to “buffer” the acidity of the high dosage of Vit C for those of us with sensitive tummies.

And the #1 Supplement of All Time….

Green Vibrance!!!

Now, if you take nothing else, you really need to consider green superfood drinks. I have tried several different superfood drinks and this is my favorite. Taste-wise, it’s the top of the list. Mix it with about 4 oz. of your favorite fruit juice or in your protein shake and you are good to go!

First of all, Green Vibrance is #1 Selling Superfood in the Nation. It has tons of benefits for your body. The major ones are:
  • It's Organic!!
  • Immunity building
  • Supports digestion  which helps with nutrient absorption- It has 25 Billion probiotics per serving! I don’t have to take probiotics if I take this stuff!
  • Improves circulation for better cellular function
  • Increases energy
  • Detoxification- Get rid of all that crap in your body (no pun intended)
  • Brain and heart  health
  • Lots of antioxidants
And, according to Vibrant Health’s website, “some consumers swear they look younger.”

Supplements are an extremely important part of a healthy lifestyle.  If you don’t currently take them and are considering it, talk to a homeopathic practitioner or regular M.D. If you already are taking supplements, you are AWESOME! Keep your eyes open for new products. Always do research and compare benefits and prices. And above all, don’t burden yourself with too many, or you will simply not take them. Make sure to ask yourself:
  • What am I currently lacking in my diet?
  • Am I going to take this?
  • Is there anything better out there?
  • What can I afford?
Well, there’s your little nutrition class of the day. I hope you feel informed.

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