Thursday, October 28

Pace Makers

Ok, so I am a weirdo and love mornings. That’s when I do my workouts. I have more energy then and it gets my day off to a good start (while simultaneously getting my workout out of the way). Although I really love mornings, sometimes I don’t get my workout started as quickly as I should. I have that blah feeling. You know what I mean. You suit up, get ready to go, stretch, yata yata. You get out on the road and there’s just not enough fire under your butt to get going at the pace you need to be.

Well, genius that I am, I have figured out a solution to this problem. They say fast music will help raise the intensity of your workout, but I usually find myself using the “slower” beats as an excuse to walk or run at a less-than-stellar pace. Because I like to push myself, I have decided to start my workout with a song with a beat matches the pace I want to go.

I love Classic Rock, so my “pace songs” are:
  • La Grange- ZZ Top: running
  • Satisfaction- Rolling Stones: walking
Obviously, the stride differs from person to person due to height, length of legs, etc. So, I have compiled a list of songs that have good pace-making beats. Some of them are duel function for walking or running, depending on what speed you’re looking for. If you are reading the titles and thinking the beat seems too “slow” to run or walk to, double the beat and you have your pace.You’ll hit the ground running… literally. Enjoy!  (And yes, I have tested all of these.)

Classic Rock

  • La Grange- ZZ Top
  • Rock ‘n Roll- Led Zeppelin
  • Pour Some Sugar On Me- Def Leopard
  • Satisfaction- Rolling Stones
  • I Feel Good- James Brown


  • Wake Up Call- Maroon5
  • Animal- Neon Trees
  • Here We Go Again- Demi Lovato
  • Animal- Neon Trees
  • Cooler Than Me- Mike Posner
  • DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love- Usher
  • I Got a Feeling- Black Eyed Peas
  • Pump It- Black Eyed Peas
  • Kiwi- Maroon5
  • Starstrukk- 3Oh!3


  • Kiss Kiss- Chris Brown
  • Work It Out-Beyonce
  • Upgrade You- Beyonce
  • Bottoms Up- Trey Songs ft. Nikki Minaj
  • Low- T-Pain


  • Not Afraid- Emeniem
  • Love the Way You Lie- Emeniem ft. Rhianna
  • Like a Boy- Ciara
  • Forever- Drake
  • Sing for the Moment- Emeniem
  • Crack a Bottle- Emeneim
  • Dirt Off Your Shoulder- Jay Z
  • Empire State of Mind- Jay-Z ft. Alicia Keys
  • Clap Back- Ja Rule
  • She Wants It- Justin Timberlake ft. 50 Cent
  • Whatever You Like- T.I.
  • Lollipop Remix- Lil’ Wayne ft. Kanye West


  • Like a G6- Far East Movement
  • All I Ever Wanted- Basshunter
  • Better Off Alone- Alice Deejay


  • She’s a Man Eater- Hall and Oates
  • Boogie Wonderland- Earth, Wind, and Fire

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