Tuesday, October 26

Running for Time

When training for the 10K, we newbie runners focused mostly on distance and a little on time. When running for distance, equal parts time and distance training are needed. Personally, I do better with time than distance. Probably because I can set my own speed, or just because I have an I’ll-run-however-freakin’-far (or not-so-far)-I-want-to-run attitude. So when I found this program by Women’s Health, I jumped for joy. Ok not really, but I was excited.

This beginner program is an uber-slow progression toward being able to run for 30 solid minutes. None of it is based upon distance. It’s a combination of running and walking 4 times a week and body toning 2 days a week. The toning programs are there too! Talk about easy. It’s all there. (If you're feeling froggy, you can do the intermediate program to get to 60 minutes.)

I am on week three, day one. Today was 10 min walking, 10 min alternating 1 min walking, 1 min running, and then 10 more min walking. Easy squeezey lemon peezy. So, if you are like me and hate to be told how far you have to run, give this a try. I am loving it.

Women's Health Running Program

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