Saturday, June 4

Foxy Lady


Hello folks! I know, I know, I’ve been rather inconsistent with my posts, but I have a feeling this is how life is going to be for me here in SA. I feel more relaxed than ever here, and, like all other things, my posts have been more go-with-the-flow than reliable daily blurbs of my life. No complaints here. I’d rather my life be more flexible anyway. It prevents that sense of ennui that I often find myself falling into.

Yesterday, however, was far from ordinary. I slept in, first of all, which is pretty much unheard of for me. Then I had a lovely breakfast full of fat. Yes, fat. Lately (well, for that past 6 months or so), I’ve been feeling hungry shortly after I eat, leading me to either a) eat every hour  or b) wait to eat at normal “meal times” and go into a trance-like state where I go into the pantry and proceed to eat everything that looks mildly appetizing like an absolute lunatic.

In doing some thinking, I came to the realization that, when I was counting calories, I severely restricted my fat intake, both good and bad. The problem here is that those good fats are what create the feeling of satiety in your brain, meaning eat some fats, feel full for longer.

So I tested the theory yesterday, starting with breakfast.
Toast with cream cheese, egg over medium, papaya
 I would normally use non-stick spray or make an egg puff in the microwave sans butter or oil. But yesterday, it was full fat baby.

This small-ish breakfast managed to tie me over until 1 PM, and on top of it, I wasn’t dwelling on my next meal in between. Astonishing.

For lunch, I had another good-fat meal.

Tomato basil soup and sardines on rice cakes topped with mustard
Later in the afternoon, I started getting ready for a surprise date with my hubby-to-be. He’s my surprise man, if you haven’t noticed.  

We headed out, and arrived at one of my favorite places, Monte Casino. Our 6:15 reservation was at none other than the exotic Kai Thai restaurant. It was gorgeous inside and outside, and had possibly the BEST Asian food I’ve ever eaten. I know that’s a steep claim, but it is absolutely no exaggeration.
The portions are not massive, but are very large. We realized we probably could have shared a main course, BUT, then we would have missed out on one of our stupendous dishes!

Port for aperitif
Coconut chicken soup
Miguel's stuffed chicken wings
Jasmine rice
Sweet and sour kingklip
Seafood Mix Stir Fry: kingklip, mussels, calamari, clams, and shrimp.
For some reason, throughout the meal, Miguel was checking the time, making sure we would make our “reservation at this nice coffee place” in time. Feeling a little rushed, but not really minding too much, I enjoyed the incredible meal with the love of my life. Finally we ordered dessert.
 Holy foodgasm. This dish was the perfect blend of warm banana swimming velvety, sweet coconut cream topped with toasted, nutty sesame seeds. I could have died happily last night after that meal.

Luckily, I didn’t, because little did I know what awaited me at our “coffee date.” Miguel and I walked into Mugg & Bean, and before my eyes was a huge table full of my girlfriends and girl family! 

 While still in a state of shock and awe, they informed me that this was my bachelorette party, and I needed to get ready ASAP! But first, since I was expecting coffee, I resolved to do nothing until I got it!
Firey coffee: Mocha java with chili pepper
 When my last sip of coffee had been drained, I was whisked away to the bathroom to change into an outfit bought by my soon-to-be cousin-in-law (crazy girl). 
 My costume consisted of a tiny (emphasis on TINY) white dress trimmed with feathers, angel wings, lacey white thigh-highs, black patent heels, and a wand. I looked like a ridiculous cross between a Victoria Secret Angel and Barbie Fairy Princess.

 Outside, it was about 50 degrees as I strutted my stuff through Monte, and I wasn’t feeling the least bit chilly. The adrenaline was pumping and I was loving it!

Meat city
More meat

Putting a spell on my mother-in-law to be
 When we got back into the coffee shop, I opened a few of my sexy gifts. Then, I was informed that, before I opened my next gift, I had to make R500, the equivalent of about $80. With pleasure, I waltzed out into the cold night air and proceeded to make some money. With my best fluttery eyes and cutesy poses, I started raking in the dough. 

Shortly after we started, my girls and I realize we’d probably made at least R500, but why stop there??

I spent the next 2 hours parading myself around asking people to contribute “so that I could open my next gift.” Along the way, I was given drinks, oysters, was asked to sing, volunteered to sing, all the while being gawked at by passersby.

Jacoranda 94.2. The DJ was giving me the thumbs up. I should've walked in and asked to talk in the radio...
We originally thought this guy was a total sketch-ball as he was dragging me away from my entourage, until he bought me a drink, introduced me to his cool friends, and gave me 500 bucks.
These guys told me they didn't have money to give me, and then proceeded to buy me a shot of Bacardi. Right...
 Fortunately for me, my sister and girls were on bum patrol the whole night, always making sure that my feathers were in place and no cheeks were exposed…
 At the end of our gallivanting, we returned to the coffee shop, money in hand (and in bra), and proceeded to count the dough. Our final total came to almost R3000 (about $500). 

 If I would have known that I could make that kind of money just by wearing a sexy outfit and asking people for money, I would have been doing this a long time ago! I now feel like my four years of college were a waste of time…
 By 12:00 AM we were all sufficiently pooped and made our way home, money and naughty outfits in hand. After all of the shenanigans, I felt like such a foxy lady! Sometimes, a girl can use a few compliments. That was definitely one of the most amazing and entertaining nights of my life.

I want to personally thank all of my girls for coming out!

 Mom, Tina, Mons, Nicole, Sonia, Monica, Maria, Michelle, Chantal, Tina, Jessica, Laura, and Alice—thanks for making my night so fantastic. I love you all!

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  1. This is my favorite post ever! I am so sad I was not there to experience this sexyfest. Also, I am mad we never thought to do this while living in DeLand. Thursday nights could have been a million times more successful.