Wednesday, June 1

Totally Bloggable

It feels as though I haven’t blogged in ages. Time has been flying (as I’ve mentioned), and I’ve been snuggling in bed the past few nights thinking, I really should have blogged today. Meh.

Sometimes, I feel like what I have to say might not really peak your interest, seeing as it can get a little monotonous or routine. For reals, who wants to read “I woke up, ate breakfast, walked, ran errands, ate lunch, ran errands, walked, made dinner, and chilled,” every day. Definitely not me.

Finally, after three days, I am confident that I’ve got enough interesting material that's totally bloggable. So, here goes:

Monday, we paid a visit to the flower lady and got a quote for the arrangements that I want for the wedding.
Road trip!
Happy Mommy
 I have to say that I really appreciate someone who knows what they’re doing. It’s so simple, yet so hard to come by. Needless to say, we’re probably going with her.

Monday’s food was rather exquisite:
Nutella on rice cake and nanners sprinkled with cinnamon.
Angle number two!
Deli-like lunch: grapefruit, GF bread with mayo and a slice of ham, and broccoli with homemade hummus
 I would like to take this moment to discuss Think Thin products. The kind people over at Think Thin sent me a large shipment of goodies the day before I shipped out, meaning my review abilities would be a bit hindered until getting settled. Since then, I've had the chance to taste several of the TT products and have a few different opinions to share.

But first, let me tell you a little bit about Think Thin. The company has created low- to no-sugar, gluten-free bars that are perfect for people with active lifestyles who are also trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. They have three types of bars: high protein bars, crunch bars, and bites.

So far, I have tried:
  • Chunky peanut butter high protein bar
  • White Chocolate high protein bar
  • Chocolate Fudge high protein bar
  • Caramel Chocolate dipped crunch bar
  • Chocolate dipped mixed nuts crunch bar
  • White chocolate dipped mixed nuts bar
  • Cookies 'n cream bites
The first bar that I tried was the White Chocolate high protein bar, which, I have to admit, I wasn't crazy about. I felt like the consistency was a little chalky (as you might expect from a bar that has 20 g of protein!) and I couldn't really discern the flavor. Obviously, it was White Chocolate, but honestly, it just tasted like vanilla-ish whey protein powder attempting to taste like white chocolate. The Chunky peanut butter flavor was a huge improvement, but the texture still wasn't a seller for me. The major upside, however, is the fullness factor. Wow! One of these bars kapt me going for 4 hours. One bar. This is unheard of.
The cookie bites are basically miniature high protein bars, so I don't think much more explanation is needed there.

Personally, I like the crunch bars the best. Actually, I am in LOVE with the crunch bars. They are amazing and fantastic and tastey and wonderful. Yes, all of those adjectives are necessary... There are so many flavors in the crunch bars, each of which I can taste individually but go perfectly together. They are super high in protein (10 g) and have almost no sugar. Out of all of them, the caramel flavor really rocks my world. 
Flipping good stuff
Caramell-y delight
So there you have it folks. Think Thin in a nutshell. All in all, I think they are awesome. Thanks again Think Thin!

Tuesday was mostly comprised of errand running and the usual, not-bloggable stuff. One of my photographed meals was my lunch of leftovers. I should say, lunch of luscious leftovers, because the goulash was TO DIE FOR on day #2.
Leftover noodles and half-eaten soup. There was no waiting...
Honey-mustard chicken, roasted veggies, and salad
Today (Wednesday), my loving fiancé chauffeured my Moms, myself, and Mons on a shopping extravaganza. Much fun was had.

Much food was consumed:
Grapefruit, rice cake with egg, and rice cake with ham.
Snacktime: apple with a slice of cheese and rooibos tea
Mons spiffing up for our day on the town

Warming myself
Bottomless coffee=happiness

Happy couple
Mom's roasted tomato basil soup and grilled cheese
My ground beef-stuffed omelet and fries.
Miguel's Alabama chicken sandwich
Shoe heaven

Arguably the most awesome sunglasses in the mall
When we got home, after walking the mall for 4 hours, we still went for a 30-minute walk. Dedication, people. I could have probably used more after that colossal omelet, but that amount of exercise just wasn’t in the cards for any of us.

Upon arrive back home, Mumsy and I got straight to work on dinner, which I was not hungry for. However, knowing my ravenous appetite, I decided it wise to eat a rather large salad and an orange so as not to turn into a bottomless pit at around 9 PM. 
 Filled up on veggies and fruit, I spent the rest of my night watching Master Chef (which I am totally in love with) and helping Miguel get some paperwork done. He is in the process of finding a new team which always has us at the edge of our seats. Pretty soon, I’ll know where we’ll be living and what we’ll be doing. Until then, it’s anyone’s guess!  

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