Tuesday, June 21

Going Dark/Guest Post

Hello fellow Fit Food Lover followers!(apologies for the alliteration)
So I'm guessing you're probably asking yourself..."Where in the world has my favorite blogger gone?" Well she's been a little busy. But no worries she hasn't forgotten about all of her followers. She has sent me, her sister, to send her apologies and to let you know that she didn't fall of the face of the earth.

Anywho, to answer you're question she has been taking care of last minute wedding preparations, honeymoon packing, you know all of the pre-wedding madness. On top of all of that, our family has done lots of interesting things like playing with lions and tigers and riding elephants(this is not a joke).

Ashley and Miguel playing with a tiger

Me, Mom, and Ashley

Not to drag it on or anything but I'm sure you are all itching to see pictures of the wedding. So here are a couple:


 My personal favorite

So my sister is now on her honeymoon, which her hubby planned and kept secret. But yesterday we finally found out yesterday that it is in Paris. So for the next week I'll be guest posting here and there. I'll try to get up more pictures of the wedding also so make sure to check in every once in a while!

About me: My name is Monica and by this post I'm sure you know that Ashley and I are sisters. My sister is one of my best friends and I'm going to miss her dearly while she is living in South Africa. We have lots of similar interests such as music, food, and blogging. Check out my blog here. (No worries I got permission to advertise)


  1. Great job filling in for Ashley Momo. Thanks for the pictures. When will you all be back home?

    Uncle Tony

  2. Thank you :) I'm home now! I was supposed to come over today but my mom is to tired.. :(