Sunday, May 29

Reunited and It Feels So Good

You know you love that Peaches and Herb reference...

With sore butts and severe jet-lag, Mama and Mons are here, finally. I’m so happy they arrived safely and without major incident.

Family #2 and I went to pick them up from the airport yesterday afternoon. The flight was delayed, so we had time for…COFFEE! Photos were taken with my cell phone, which is currently in my fiancé’s possession (because he is in the process of getting a new one), who is currently out of town on an impromptu business trip. Translation: You won’t be seeing any pictures of the delightful event. Apologies. 

We got the coffee from a place called Wimpy. Yes, Wimpy. Since I like my coffee to have a bit of a punch, asking someone if they want “Wimpy coffee” always makes me giggle. I ordered a Mega Coffee, AKA a coffee in a cup the size of my head. Within about 3 minutes flat, I had slurped the whole thing down.

When Mama and Mons walked through the arrival gate and warm hugs and kisses were exchanged. Boy, did I miss them. We returned home and simple, yet delectable Portuguese fare of chicken and rice packed with vegetables was on the menu.

This morning, I woke up bright and early. Within two minutes of opening my eyes, my mom’s head pokes in the doorway and says, “Are you up yet?” Yes mom. I’m up. I think she has psychic powers. Ahh, back to old times. And by “old,” I mean two weeks ago…

Apparently, the jet lag had her up at the butt crack of dawn, meaning her veins were already coursing with copious amounts of caffeine. I played catch-up by quickly draining 2 cups of piping hot Italian coffee, and we bundled up to go for an early-morning walk. It was lovely. There’s nothing like starting your day off with a brisk walk in the crisp winter air.

All day today (save for some housekeeping duties involving my husband-to-be and the priest who’ll be marrying us), I’ve been glued to mi madre. We are back to our old routine of shopping, cooking, and eating, and I’m loving it.
Diner tonight:salad, sauteed chicken breast, Brussels sprouts, and avocado. Easy, but oh, so UH-MAY-ZING.
I’m thrilled to have two of my best friends back with me again. 
Blood Buddies
 I can hardly wait for the rest of the clan to arrive on the 9th of June! I don’t know if you’ll be able to handle it. It’s going to be marvelous/epic/FLIPPING awesome.

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