Wednesday, July 20

A Good Day

Yesterday was a good day, a productive day—a commodity that has been few and far between for me lately. The day started off with Zumba Flat Abs, a twenty-minute video that actually makes you sore afterward. However, my poor, decrepit knees were screaming by the end of those twenty minutes, and shot down my hopes of doing squats and lunges. Gah.

So I figured I’d forget it (not hard for me to do when it comes to working out) and go about my day. Since yesterday was a month since the wedding (we made it!), we decided it would be a good idea to get these pictures rolling. So SAM and I headed down south to visit my photographer and give him honeymoon pictures and music for the DVD. While there, I had the pleasure of playing with his 8-month-old yorkie puppies, A.K.A. the cutest things in the entire world.
This photo explains everything. The one on the right is Rascal- calm, cool, collected. The one on the left is Pixie-psychotic, crazy, and unable to sit still. She was literally running circles around Rascal.
Made. My. Day.

Following our short-lived meeting, to Pick-and-Pay we went to gather the goods for the night’s meal—Creamy Tuna Pasta. After returning home, I did a bit of leisurely reading and baked some good ol’ corn bread.

I got the recipe from Gluten-Free Mommy, but adapted it to suit the ingredients we had in the house. I replaced the rice flour with GF cake flour, replaced the milk with butter milk, and used 3 eggs instead of 2.
This cornbread was beyond amazing. It was moist, fluffy, and totally divine. 
Cornbread with Brie. Talk about a mix of cultural food...
 By the time the night was over, only half of this baby was left due to my soccer-player’s extreme hunger upon arriving home from work. 

I am currently enjoying some for breakfast as I write...
Cornbread with milk
 Later, I chatted up my Biff for an incredibly long time. She kept me laughing throughout the conversation, which is something I was desperately needing. Thanks Biff. Love you!

Then it was time for some chow. Master Chef Australia and dinner in front of the boob tube is an integral part of the nightly family routine, so I wanted to make sure to be done with the cooking by 6:30 PM sharp.

No pictures were taken of my delicious dinner because, well, I forgot. But it was a hit. A unique dish, and something very out-of-the-ordinary. The flavors were out-of-this world and the whole nature of everything made it possible to taste and appreciate every ingredient in the dish. Can you tell I loved it? See recipe here.

Halfway through dinner and a mouthful of tuna pasta, everything went black. Welcome to Africa. We had a general power failure. Candles were immediately lit and placed around the house, and Miguel and I finished our dinner by candlelight. How romantic ;). Then we spent the next hour trying not to go crazy as Miguel and my father-in-law try to understand something about my sister-in-law’s school, listening to my father-in-law chat up the girl at the power company, and otherwise entertaining ourselves in the dark.
The living room with only candles for lighting. Obviously they weren't working very well.
Are you afraid of the dark?
I was mildly disappointed when the lights flickered back on. There’s nothing like free entertainment during a power outage. I am certain it brings out the hilarity in everyone’s nature. Fantastic. Good day... good day.

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