Sunday, July 24

Life Update #2

Hello friends! Sooo, I’ve been trying to get back into my photo-taking, blog-writing routine, but it just hasn’t seemed to be working. This is probably due to the fact that no one wants to see a plate of 5 rice cakes slathered with Nutella or a Goliath-sized bowl filled with granola and milk. Kidding… not really.

There have been few things worth blogging about lately, so I figured rather than writing 5 paragraph-length posts, I’d combine them into one. I've decided to label this type of post "Life Update," because often times, the subject matter is entirely to broad to create a cohesive title. What a smarty-pants I am, right?

So, here'goes. Life Update #2. Over the past few days I…

Got coffee with my husband.
Artfully-presented coffee and sexy husband. What more could a girl ask for?
 Went to see the last of the Harry Potter series! Finally. It was… magical. How I’m going to miss that attitudinally-challenged, circular-spectacle-wearing wizard!

Had a lovely dinner out with my hubs.
Lamb shanka (of which I was only able to eat one), onion rings (of which I did not eat any), baked potato, and measly salad. The meat was falling off the bone and roasted in a red wine sauce. Oh, My, ggggaaaawwwwsh.
Went to a cooking class. 
 That was yesterday, and it was awesome. The class was put on by my cousin-in-law who sells a device called the ThermoMix. I’ve raved about this Holy Grail of cooking appliances before on this blog, because it is definitely the most amazing gadget ever created! For our wedding gift, this cousin-in-law of mine got one for us. I will be receiving it soon and getting a personal demo on all the magnificent things it does. Get ready to see some dazzling creations soon!

Back to the cooking class… The guest chef was the owner of the Green Peppercorn, a fancy schmancy restaurant in Sandton. His passion for food and mind-blowing combinations were inspiring. In the span of two hours using the ThermoMix, he made 10 different dishes that served 8-10 people. I would have taken photos of the food, but who wants to see bites of food in mini Styrofoam cups? Not me. Not you. But I can tell you what he made:

Fig and raspberry daqueri
Raspberry and rosemary smoothie
Broccoli and zucchini soup
2 ciabattas, one plain and one sundried tomato flavored
Butternut polenta
Curry butter chicken
Gluten-free chocolate cake
Vanilla custard to top the cake
Raspberry frozen yogurt

The food was amazing, but a total tease. Enough to get a good taste but keep you wanting more. Gah. Afterward, SAM and I got a creamy cappuccino. Perfectly delicious. I wasn’t disappointed.

Today is a chill day. This morning, SAM and I walked. Then I soaked up the warm winter sun, after which I was informed that we would be getting another cold front soon. Curses! Now, I am gladly recapping the interesting bits of my life for you wonderful people. And later, I plan to Skype my madre, work on some job possibilities, and possibly nap. Sounds good to me. 

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