Monday, July 4

It's Been a Blur- Part 2

When Miguel and I arrived at the airport the day following the Big Day, I was still rather shaky on most of the details of our trip. But still being on Cloud 9, I was completely carefree about the whole thing. Once aboard the plane however, I quickly realized that our lovely journey to France was actually going to consist of a 10 hour flight to Germany, followed by another 45 minute flight to France. Awesome…

As soon as we were on solid ground, we set right about to finding our way to the hotel. With giant suitcases in hand we had quite an interesting time fitting through the narrow metro turn-styles. That combined with the fact that we had absolutely no idea where we were going made for a bit of stressful hour and a half, but finally, we arrived at our hotel.
Miguel's cute self on the train
My not-so-cute self on the train
Amazing music man. These people are everywhere and can get rather annoying, but this guy was fantastic.
Upon arrival, since our room wasn’t ready, we dropped off our bags and headed straight out for the streets of the beautiful Paris. Well, I should say, straight for the cafés on the streets of Paris. We were starved. It was at this beautiful moment that I had my first intentional taste of gluten in 3 years. Now, let me explain. My reasoning behind glutening myself was this: I was in PARIS! Need I say more? You can’t be in Paris and not eat baguettes and all of the other wondrous beauties there.

So, yes I ate gluten, yes it was lovely, and yes it made me feel like crap. However, I wasn’t plagued by my usual bloated stomach, face rash, and itchy mouth, which I take to mean that my body has healed quite a bit. Great success!

And so began the gluten rampage...
View from the cafe of the square in our hood

Pâté, Camembert and Saint-André cheese, and a turkey-something sandwich for Miguel. See that bread in the top of the photo? Yeah, I ate it.
My first real cafe creme.
Miguel's first French coke.
After our delicious café experience, we continued our directionless exploration around the streets of the City of Love—or Lights depending on who you speak to. Either way, the place is amazing.
Our street
My sexy husband posing in the alley
And they have Jetson-like, self-cleaning public toilets everywhere! I’m sure I looked like a typical American durf-wad as I was so astonished by this newfound wonder.
The Promised Land
Waiting patiently
I actually couldn't figure out how to use it... Fortunately some kind English-speaking French lady graciously explained.
I'd hate to be trapped inside during "LAVAGE"...
Now that I had French public bathroom experience under my belt, we let our tired feet take us back to our doorstep where we checked out our temporary pad and freshened up.
Our humble abode
This was taken about 10 seconds after walking in the door

Then, we headed straight back out to the supermarket for some grub. Baguettes in hand, we found a nice little bench in front of the Arch de Triomphe to have dinner. The awe-inspiring French architecture will never cease to amaze me.

The square is so traffic-jammed, you have to go underground to get to it... Awesome.
Not pictured here was a potato and ham salad, chips,broccoli, chocolate, and grapes.
After our late-night dinner, we took a stroll down the Champs Elysees and window shopped and checked out the Frenchies on display at the cafés.

The line to get into this place was insane. In case you're wondering, this is Louis Vuitton.
Posing on the Champs
On day 2 (Wednesday) of our travels, we woke up bright and early and munched on a continental breakfast courtesy our little hotel.
Cappuccino, croissant, baguette, orange, ham,cheese, and OJ. This kind of breakfast kept me going for about 6 to 8 hours. Magnificent.
Then we were off again for some Parisian shopping down the Rue de Rivoli.

I'm ashamed to say I don't know what half of the buildings i took pics of were, including this one.

Wasting no time...
For lunch, we stopped at a street vendor for a smorgasbord of greasy, calorific, fantastic foods.

Some beef concoction
Assorted pies and quiches

In the evening, Miguel planned a spectacular outing for us including dinner at the Eiffel Tower, a cruise down the Seine, and finally, a show at the Moulin Rouge.
On our bus ride

Le Tour Eiffel
Looking spiffy in his suit

Delicious pâté with fig
Photo taken by this cute Australian couple we met. If you guys are reading, hope you enjoyed the rest of your trip!!
Chicken yumminess. I have no idea what this was.
Chocolate mouse with a wafer-like crust

Listening to the info phone on the Seine

The best house in town
New shoes bought by my lovely specially for the night

Entrance of the Moulin Rouge

Perfume from 1914

Cameras not allowed inside :(

Our night ended around 2 am, and luckily, we were only a short walk from our hotel.

I have to say that the first two days of our honeymoon were so incredible making me feel like a kid in a candy shop, raring to get out and see the next marvelous thing.

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