Saturday, July 2

It's Been a Blur

After almost a month away, I’m finally back to Earth. I hope you enjoyed the two guest posts that popped up while I was on my honeymoon. The past few weeks have been such a blur and it’s taken me some time to process it all.

Having my family here in South Africa, getting married and visiting one of the most beautiful cities in the world has made for the most incredible month of my life.

Now that I’m back here in SA, I’m back to the routine and waiting for Miguel to sign a new contract.  So, instead of rehashing the daily run-down, I’ll be giving you a recap of all the excitement that you’ve been missing.

So, without further ado,


The parentals and grandparentals were here. Our schedule was jam-packed with activities and we did tons of fun stuff.

We ate at the coolest restaurant in town- MOYO!
This is called "Pimp My Face"
My warrior
Mouth-watering spicy oxtail
Pre-wedding celebration African-style
Rose water meringue

Pet some lions, and tigers, but no bears...
Looking terrified at the fact that there was a rather frisky 6-month-old tiger trying to pounce on us
More tame tiger
Had a pre-wedding photo shoot

Rode elephants

Petted elephants

Got kissed by an elephant
I was the first one to do this...
Clearly, I was unaware what I was in for.
 An indescribable amount of food and wine was consumed during this 10-day period. It would take approximately 3.27 years to upload all of the pictures using this South African internet, so just take my word for it…

Then, on the 19th of June, 2011, I tied the knot with the love of my life.
Sister and sister-in-law
New in-laws

The wedding party
Parents looking amazing
Outside the chapel
I love this
Main table
The venue
 First dance
Father-daughter dance
Getting the garter
Wearing the garter
 Everything was perfect. The company, the food, the dress, the flowers, and the groom (obvs). I was so happy. I think the pictures say it all.

The night of, we stayed in a gorgeous hotel right up the road.
The view from our room
 Still, up to this point, I had not a clue where we were going for our honeymoon.

The following morning, I was presented with a pocket-sized book that on the cover read, Paris: The Collins French Phrasebook. Immediately, upon realizing what my new husband was holding in front of my face, I started screaming and rolling around in bed, rather giddy with excitement.

After indulging in a massive (gigantic, enormous, huge, ridiculous, all of the above) breakfast spread, we headed back to Miguel’s parents’ house to see our families, open gifts, and do some last minute honeymoon packing. 
Yogurt with dried mango and cashews
Assorted cold meats, lamb meatball/meatloaf, olives, and tangine
Salmon scrambled eggs and haddock with cheese sauce
Fruits, cheese, and smoked salmon
Giant cappuccino
 Then off to the airport we went, as a family. We said our final goodbyes and off the newlyweds went to Par-ee.

Stay tuned for the tale of the best honeymoon ever in the history of mankind. Get ready. Get set…

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