Wednesday, November 24

The Beginning of Holiday Fun

Tuesday was a fantastic start to this week of holiday fun. My sister and I planned on celebrating her birthday (which is actually next Monday) by going to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I’m not gonna lie, I LOVE me some Harry Potter. Before we went on our outing, I had to have my usual large breakfast.
Toast with egg over medium and an apple.
Throughout my breakfast, the dogs were jumping around, wrestling, and periodically bounding from couch to couch like a bunch of antelopes on crack.  So I took it upon myself to conduct an energy burning session for our gigantic puppy, Lucy.
Don't let this face fool you...
 I take her for bike rides because walking her is useless. I would have to walk for about 3 hours to get her all of her energy out. Just to give you an idea of her limitless stamina: she usually goes on a 30-45 minute walk/run with me and then goes on another 45 minutes to an hour walk in the evening with my step-dad. She also spends the entire day occasionally ambushing, pouncing on, and otherwise irritating the other dogs (they usually oblige her need for fun). If you are wondering, we have 6 of these rats roaming around our house.

Lucifer inciting a riot with Pixie (brown one) and Kiwi (white, nonchalant one)
After our rather strenuous ride, I did some tush-toning, upper body, and ab exercises while Lucy laid on the floor with her tongue draped on the ground. Because I am always starving after my workout, I snacked on some Rice Chex.

Lil’ Sis and I made our way to the movies. I thought about having popcorn, but exercising my superior self-control skills, I walked straight into the theater. The movie was brilliant. I really loved it, and now am itching to see the next one.

Two and a half hours of sitting made me hungry (I am always hungry), and we decided to eat at Emerald Wednesday (or Ruby Tuesday if you prefer).
Sisters. Cute.
I got to the salad bar and threw all of my portion control ideas out the window.  Unfortunately, my stomach did not comply, so I was not able to finish my meal off with grapes as I had hoped. Grrr…
Large salad. Too many ingredients to list. It was good. Just trust me.

M's sliders and fries (she did have a salad, to be fair).
The rest of my day was quite uneventful, but I did eat, cook, and eat. Perfect. After having more Chex, a protein bar, and string cheese, I made dinner. I am convinced that the running I have been doing is turning me into an eating machine.
Quinoa with tomatoes, cilantro, scallions. Sauteed cabbage and onions. Cucumber with hummus.
Vegetarian and yumalicious.

The plan for Wednesday is to complete my running program! Wish me luck! And pray that this outrageous eating comes to a halt. But we all know that’s not going to happen. Thanksgiving is quickly approaching…


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