Thursday, November 11

Not-So-Productive Day

Aren’t canceled classes grand? On Monday, both of my Monday/Wednesday teachers informed us that class would be canceled on Wednesday. Wednesday= Sweet, sweet freedom. However, I still had to make the daily 1 hour trek to the college town to do my volunteer hours. I volunteer at Journey’s End Animal Sanctuary (rest assured there will be posts about Journey’s End in the future).

I decided not to run at 7 am as per usual, since I would have the afternoon off. Instead, I woke up an hour later, and took my sweet time eating breakfast, talking to my love, and just lallygagging around the house for an hour and a half. My lovely breakfast included:

Cinnamon raisin millet bagel with cream cheese , a cup of coffee with almond milk and Stevia, and oodles of giant grapes.
I don’t know where my mother purchased these, but they are huge. GMO (bad) and seedless, but, what the hay. It was delicious.

After spending some time with my pseudo-grandmother (my 83 yr. old boss), Biff, and sister, I drove another hour back home to my poopers. On the way, I had a little snack to sustain me on my journey.

I have at least one of these a day. They have 6 grams of protein, only 100 cals, and amazing.

But by the time I got home, I was starving. That protein bar just didn't cut it. I try to never let myself to get to that hungry point, because it is always followed by me eating anything that is within reach and does not need to be cooked. Luckily, my loving mother had made chili in the morning. Ready-made meal. I made a rather large salad on the side. I am not sure which one was the side…

½ cup of chili. Salad with carrots, broccoli, lettuce, spinach, feta, balsamic vinegar, and EVOO.
After eating, I totaled my calories. It was incredibly high! Holy EVOO, feta, and ground beef! If the actual meat-ness of the ground beef doesn’t make you not want to eat it, the calorie count will. At least, that’s what it did for me. Geez. But, it was healthy. Who cares.

Then, catastrophe strikes. I was minding my own business, fiddling with my iPod, when suddenly, I feel a large creature run into me. That would be Lucy- over excitement combined with clumsiness. The extreme force of the blow caused me to drop my iPod, cracking the screen. I was heart broken. My iPod is my baby. I use it everywhere I go. Sadness overwhelmed me.

The damage
To take my mind off of the pain, I spent the next, however long going through old things. Crap, basically. I am not a very sentimental person, so I periodically clean out the junk in my room that has no purpose.

I am not really sure what happened to the rest of my day, but the clock finally reached 5:30 and it was time to run. Almost done with the Women’s Health Running program! The weather was perfect and I felt great. But I somehow managed to still look like a hot mess.

Me looking haggard after my run.
I had a very light dinner. Wasn’t too hungry.

Chocolate Dream Protein, frozen banana, Green Vibrance, and almond milk. Looks horrible, but tastes super fresh.
On my run, I had time to think about my day. I realized that I equate accomplishment with completing some sort of school work. This year, I am working on senior research, which means there is always something to be done. I did no school work Wednesday. After fretting about it, I thought, eh, why ruin a good day. I performed self-psychoanalysis and came to the conclusion that: I need to get the heck out of school. Ugh, I hate it. It feels like a prison. I am so ready to be done. But , on the bright side, only a few more months to go.

All this deep thinking made me a little hungry. Since I had a skimpy dinner and I determined that I was, in fact, productive today, I rewarded myself with another small meal.

One apple and a slice of millet bread with… NUTELLA! a.k.a. Heaven in a Jar. Hits the spot.
What a wonderful end to a productive, or not-so-productive day.

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  1. Thanks! I really love it. I am new to the whole thing so i am still figuring it out. But will do!