Wednesday, November 10

Life's Little Indulgences

After a long day of interning (and by long I mean 7:30 to 5:00 long), no one wants to come home and work out. Especially me. But on Tuesday, I persevered, finally conquering the No Gear Here Women’s Health workout. Phew. After that, self-pampering of some sort was deserved. I evaluated my current physical and mental state, assessing what type of treatment was necessary. I reached the conclusion that my hands were in need of some TLC.

The onset of Fall is already ripping into my poor little hands, creating this monstrosity.

Dry, cracked, alligator-like skin. Yuck. It doesn’t look that severe in this pic, but take my word for it. I am a pretty regular lotion-putter-onner, but I am also a major hand-washer. Lotion is defeated. And even when I put lotion on, it only masks my little flakies.

I needed a remedy. ASAP. Homemade salt scrub= Excellent idea. I decided to try to mix salt with Jojoba Oil to slough of the nastiness. I swear by Jojoba Oil for face moisturizer (make sure to tissue off), body moisturizer, make-up remover, lip balm and hair oil.

It’s similar to human skin oil, so it absorbs right in and lasts all day, without being oily.

For some reason, I thought using Epsom salt would be a good idea for this project. Wrong! Have you ever gotten a good look at Epsom salt? It looks like a bunch of tiny razor-like crystals.
Not suitable for skin exfoliation- unless you plan on removing all of it…

I quickly changed my mind to using regular granulated sea salt. Much better.

I mixed it with enough jojoba oil to make a runny paste. It looked so promising, that I ended up making enough for my whole body. After I showered, I scrub-a-dubbed myself (still in the shower) and rinsed off the salt. Yowsa! My skin now looks and feels awesome. And, my hands are no longer shriveled and pitiful.
To top it all off, I put on some Desert Essence Organics Pumpkin Hand Cream. It smells divine.

After this little experiment, I conducted a product review. I was feeling inquisitive and experimental. My wonderful step-dad brought home a mud mask for me to try. Bhaktiveda Pure Ayurveda Mud Mask.

  • Smell- check. This has sandalwood essential oil in it which makes it smell absolutely incredible.
  • Look- Horrible! This looks like, well…
  • Taste- Ok, I did not intentionally taste this, but it got on my lip. It’s not going to be my next snack, but I didn’t puke.

This is such a hot look for me. *To my wonderful fiancĂ©: Aren’t you happy to know that this is what you’ll be waking up to every morning?

You leave it on until it’s dry and then rinse. It solidified my face, so I was quite excited to rinse it. But the results- Fan-tab-u-la-stic! My face feels smooth and silky. I followed up with some Jojoba oil. Nice.

I give it an A+. I will definitely be using the whole bottle. Always love me some SWAG... and spoiling myself.

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