Thursday, February 10

Fats, Frustrations, and Facemasks

Howdy! I woke up Wednesday morning to a face full of zits. What the heck? A few weekends ago my aunt told me how she’d never seen my skin looking so beautiful, and now? Skin rebellion. Gah. I blame the Weekend of Snacks, a.k.a. Superbowl weekend, for getting me on a junk food kick. Since then, I’ve been trailing behind the health wagon instead of hopping back on like a good little girl.

To counteract the trash I’ve been putting into my system (should’ve just skipped the trash in the first place), I’ve been religious about my greens (Green Vibrance) and Vit C. I’ve been taking my omega oil supplements as well, but seeing my decorative skin made me feel the need to step it up. So Wednesday was chock full of fatty foods. Good fats, that is.
Coffee, bagel, and coconut milk (good fats) banana chocolate smoothie.
 After breakfast, I spoke to my honey about the trials and tribulations of senior research. 
Snacking on cornflakes while researching.
 Not being one to worry over school work, this elevated stress level really has me concerned. The more I work, the more road blocks pop up. It is quite possible that my brain is not functioning to its optimum potential, since I have so much going on in there right now. To remedy this problem, guess what I did- ate fat.
Veggies sauteed in coconut oil, apple, and toast with avocado.
 Although I planned on doing work for most of the day, not much got accomplished. I ended up dillydallying in one way or another. Case in point: Mons and I spent 1 ½ hrs grocery shopping. We had a list of 10 items… I got home and proceeded to waste more time by playing with my cute little poopers for a while. Especially this crazy little thing:
Mizzer feeling better after a few days of sickness.
 Pilates, Core Fusion, and Zumba made me feel like an exercise schizo, I needed to do something to maintain my sanity. I stopped working on my thesis because I was frustrated by all the hinderances. Once I stopped, I was stressed out about the fact that I stopped in the first place. I can’t win.

Fortunately, my mama whipped up a delicious dinner. I made myself a salad tossed with super fat in an attempt to brighten up my mood.
Salad with olive oil and apple cider vinegar and GF chicken pot pie.
 I finished off my night with a little pampering.
Mud masks are the epitome of all things sexy.
I’m counting on the exorbitant amount of good fats I’m putting into my body to make some magical changes in my life. Ok, maybe not, but I’ll be a healthier girl for it!

Omega Fatty Acid Benefits (just a few):
  • Healthy skin
  • Organ function
  • Energy
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Brain function
  • Regulate blood pressure
  • Joint health
If you’re not getting your fatty acids, start now!!

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