Sunday, February 27

Birthday Nonsense

The past two days have been, well, #epic (<- this hash tag was used during the live tweet of Biff’s Birthday Bash)…

We started our shenanigans on Thursday night, as yooj. I could describe the past 48 hours to you, but no amount of words will do it justice. Here is a photo/video montage instead:

Thursday Evening

Killing brain cells is F-U-N!

Meat sauce and veggies. They ended up getting all mixed up and slapped onto the bread. The blackberries were dessert!

What a great camera I have...

Orange, carrots, and cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese.

Dunkin' Donuts coffee pre-meeting, courtesy my Biff. If only she wwasn't order-challenged, then maybe I would have gotten a mocha coffee as requested...

Painting nails.

Chillaxin' in my sweats.

Tuna, Food Should Taste Good chips, and broccoli.

I was very tempted to go out with my hair like this.

Birthday girls!

Birthday girls in color, everyone else in black and/or white.

Our hostesses. From left: Cross-stone, Sabs, Robester, Biff, Duffmeister, and Lambster.

Biff and I in space. Space was painted by Lambster...

Stew-Mart sandwich!

Our usual Thursday night crew, sans Sabs.

And so began the chip eating. I am fairly certain I ate at least a quarter of a lb. of chips. I'm ok with it.
Biff's Birthday Bash was a super success (Look at those alliterations!). We had a great time, as always, and spent it with fun people. The end of senior year is in sight. Gotta making memories while it lasts.

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