Monday, February 7

Trifecta of Fun

Hi guys and dolls! The weekend started off with a Saturday filled with surprisingly enjoyable hard labor. “How is this possible,” you might ask. Well, for starters, it was required for part of my scholarship, so I figured I might as well have a good attitude about it. Secondly, I wasn’t alone in my heart-pounding endeavors, but was instead joined by several good friends. There were choices for which site we would like to volunteer at, and Biff and I chose Hatter Harvest, a student-run organic garden located on campus. We spent the next hour and a half with pitch forks in hand, turning mulch piles. Who needs a workout when you can garden? Note to self: Must have garden in old age. Unfortunately, my camera had mysteriously vanished, making me unable to document this event in photo form. Just imagine dirt, sweat, ripped jeans, and pitch forks. You get the idea.

When I returned home, battered and bruised, I was informed that we would be eating out that evening. Sweet reward. We went out to Carrabba’s. If I ever have to pick a chain restaurant to eat at, you can count on it being this one. Seeing as though they have a sizeable gluten-free menu, I was in Italian heaven.
Cozze in bianco. Steamed mussels with a wine, butter, and basil sauce.

Garden salad

Steamed broccoli, chicken Bryan, chicken marsala, and pollo rosa maria.

Vanilla ice cream topped with caramel and candied pecans.
 My tummy was significantly happier after this.

The next day, I awoke to an antsy Gigantor and a little something in the air. It was a national holiday. Superbowl Sunday. Football is second only to religion in my household and the Packers are our team. No further explanation needed. Our entire day was centered around the TV and the food. There is never any guilt when consuming large amounts of food on days such as this. It’s completely merited.
Scone, Chobani, cucumber, and hummus. Hummus glutened me. Never. Again. Curse you, Sabra!

Mutilated guac.

Toast with cream cheese. No plate. Yeah, that's right.

Huge-mongo salad.

Shrine to Biff for giving me this Newman's Own Organics Dark Chocolate! And wine, of course.
 At 6:00, everyone gathered around and watched as the Packers proceeded to kick steel butt and win the title! C’est magnifique! Happy times.

Monday morning, Mons and I decided we wanted to create vintage looks that we got from for our day out on the town. But first, food.
Scone, banana, and black coffee. The yooj.
 It was raining, so we polluted the air with our gallons of aerosol hairspray (like I care). Gotta be authentic, right? We had a super time and looked super cute. I’m loving it. I will be trying on Mons hairstyle next.

Mons not cooperating.


Cute little retro bow.

I am a hair genius.

How did you spend your Superbowl weekend? Which team were you rooting for?

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