Tuesday, February 1

One Down, 5,843 to Go

Last week, I got a call from the bridal shop telling me that I needed to order my bridesmaids dresses ASAP to ensure that I get them in time for the wedding. Uh, yeah, that’s kind of important. So Monday, Mama, Mons, and I thought it best we get this knocked out. I woke up bright and early, had my coffee, and did 30 minutes of Pilates. It didn’t feel like much, but I am trying something different. Are you surprised that I am changing things up? Because you shouldn’t be…

After my body lengthening (right…) workout, I had a repeat breakfast of Ban Pan (banana pancakes). I know I don’t need to show you a picture of it, but here it is anyway.
Ban Pan and cantaloupe.
 After breakfast, Mama and I went out for a quick round of grocery shopping. We returned home, unloaded, had a snack, reloaded, and headed out for bridal town. 
Snack/lunch thing. Toast, peanut butter, and apples. Looks cray,I know. I was in a hurry.
 I popped some Stress Shield on the way to ensure that my mood remained stable throughout the day. With shopping, there are no guarantees.

To my shock and awe, Mama, Mons, and I all found our shoes for the wedding in less than an hour at DSW! Talk about efficiency. Here are my sexy wedding shoes!!
Ha. Jokes. Jokes all around. These were completely ridiculous.
 After conquering Shoe Heaven, we psyched ourselves out and marched into the bridal shop. After 4 trips (3? 5 maybe?) to the shop, I put my foot down and was determined to get dresses. To-DAY. And voila! Great success. We got gorgeous dresses for the girls and I feel a huge sense of accomplishment. I would post pics of our purchases, but then it would ruin the surprise! I guess you will have to continue reading this fantastic blog until June (preferably after that…).

Because Mons and I did such a great job shopping, Mama took us to Chick-Fil-A for some well-deserved (and necessary) food. A picture (or 5) is worth a thousand words.
Waffle fries

Gotta have something healthy in there.

Mons' sad attempt at taking a picture behind her head.

I dip my fries in my ice cream. Don't judge.

Me+Fries+Ice Cream= Luuuuvvvv
 When I got home, I was pooped, buuuuttt I still made dinner. Girl’s gotta eat! Because no one was ready to eat when I planned on having dinner done, I significantly stretched out the preparation process. I have no idea how I managed to take 2 hours to make/cook this meal. Whatever. It was totally worth it.
Turkey salad and squash with sauteed tomatoes, onions, garlic and Parmesan (again).
 I love the feeling of accomplishment- like you've finally finished something that has been hanging over your head. Such a relief. Unfortunately, my reprieve lasted a total of 3 hours before my mom returned home with wedding d├ęcor ideas from the craft store. I am overwhelmed by the possibilities.  One wedding task down, five thousand eight hundred forty-three to go. But, I know it will all be worth it the day I walk down the aisle. :D Wish me luck!

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