Friday, February 25

Taking It Easy

Hi guys! I hope everyone's week is trucking along! Only one more day until the weekend. Hooray!

Well, as usual, my weekend is starting on Thursday. However, since I have been working my little butt off (5 am wake up calls) doing Senior Thesis and anything school-related that I can get my hands on, I've decided to taking it easy. This post is very low-maintinance, as will be the next two days. Biff's Birthday Bash is tomorrow night, which as been on the minds of everyone-who's-anyone (heh) over the past two weeks. It promises to be epic.

I am treating myself to a few homework-free days to gear up for a work-filled weekend. On Saturday, I will be posting about our birthday antics. Be prepared. On this next-to-last day of the week, relax and take it easy. Only one more to go. You can do it!

Until Saturday...

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What are your plans for the weekend?

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