Wednesday, February 23

How NOT to Starve to Death

Before we get started, I want to send a shout-out to my Biff! It's her birthday, so go read her blog and tell her to have a happy one!

Now, let's talk about Tuesday. It was a bad day in Ashley’s world of food. It started out great, but then took a swift turn toward the worst…

I ate a lovely breakfast of sacred muffins.
Chobani, banana, and banana muff.
 When it was snack time (precisely 11:15), I munched on a yummy apple.So far, so good.

When lunch time rolled around, I was starved. Biff and I took advantage of the balmy Florida weather and sat by the school fountain to eat.
Biff chatting it up.
 Rather excitedly, I unzipped my backpack and reached inside for my bagged lunch. To my shock and horror, the main event of my meal was MIA. I frantically began searching my bag in hopes that the missing Tupperware would appear emerge from the darkness, but nothing. My long awaited sweet potato had been left at home. Curses! All I was left with was a measly salad and an apple sauce.
Overwhelmed with sadness.
 As I reluctantly poured on the dressing, a brilliant idea came to me. My hypoglycemic mother has always taught me never to leave the house without a snack in your purse- you never know when you’re going to need a blood sugar boost, or in my case, be hungry. I remembered that I had in my possession a bag of raisins and almonds. Sweet relief. I hurriedly scrounged for the nuts and sprinkled them on my salad. On my hunt, I also found a Just Great Stuff bar from Betty Lou’s for an afternoon snack. My lucky day.
 My tummy wasn’t quite as happy as it would have been with a potato in it, but it was satisfied.

Within two hours, it became very clear that “satisfied” is not enough to keep me going. I need “full.” I spent the whole afternoon hungry and wanting to eat. Even though I ate a bar and an orange that I confiscated from my aunt’s house on the way home, my stomach was on a rampage. I needed some serious food.

I could feel my stomach slowly eating itself as I arrived home, and I headed for that dang sweet potato. In the interest of time, I settled for a side of frozen vegetables and some rolled up turkey.
I scarfed this down faster than you can say, "Bops your uncle." Although I don't know why you would say such a thing....
 Never has a meal tasted so good. I don’t even want to imagine what my day would have been like if I didn’t have snacks stashed away for days like this. I may not have been here to type this post. You would have cried, I know. It was a close call, but I made it out alive.

The moral of this story is: Always keep a spare snack in your purse, gym bag, car, or desk drawer, because you never know when hunger is going to strike.

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