Tuesday, May 10

And Now, the End is Near

I understand that my posting has been a little touch-and-go these days, with some days or multiple days being post-free. But you’ll have to excuse me over the next couple of weeks, because honestly, it’s going to be a little nutso around here. I’ve been packing like a mad woman, fitting everything I own into 3 large bags and one mucho grande carry-on. Believe me, this has not been an easy feat, and although I’m not quite finished, I have all the confidence that it will get off without a hitch.

I started the day with a workout session with Mons, who is getting fitter by the day. I’m so proud of her. After which I broke the fast (breakfast) with this little number:
Yogurt, papaya, shredded coconut, almonds and oats. Parfait delight.

Then I spent some time talking to my honey bunches. Snacktime ensued.

Rice cake topped with the most delicious peanut butter known to man.
  After that, the rest of my day was spent running around town gathering important documents and getting some last minute errands done.

I was in dire need of lunch when I returned. 
Veggie and fruit platter with cottage cheese. Not pictured: hummus.
For dinner, I decided that I'd get the family together for one last hoorah before I fly out. It was the last time I’ll see my family for who knows how long. When you see people at least once a week EVERY week for your entire life, not knowing the next time you’ll see them is beyond saddening. I tried really hard not to let myself become impassive and detached, as I have been when the stress gets to me. I did have a really great time though.
I might be underestimating if I said I ate half a wheel of Brie cheese (it's my ultimate weakness), along with some Cheddar and Swiss.
I had already eaten massive amounts of cheese and crackers before consuming this food.
 During dinner, I played a little game of Candid Camera...

Chocolate mousse something-or-other
I always say that good food always makes people happy, but this time, not amount of delicious covered dishes could stop the tears from flowing.  

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