Wednesday, May 18

Two-Day Recap: Rush and Relax

Yesterday and today have been better than I thought they would be. Luckily, I didn’t spend the WHOLE day lying around the house—only half the day, which still sucks. But, buzzing around town in the first part of the day made me feel a teensy bit better about slothing about for the second half.

As you know, I do NOT enjoy sitting still for long periods of time. However, I made attempts at keeping myself busy. These attempts include eating food, thinking about food, and reading about food.
Eat, Pray, Love, and Fresh Living Magazine.
I am pathetic, but what can I say. It’s a passion and I have to accept it and nurture it, right?

Here are some of my recent, delicious, South African eats (Side note: apologies for the pictures. I've been using my new BlackBerry to take them, but I realize they're not quite as clear as a real camera):

Tuesday: oats with Nutella and black coffee
Hot quinoa with milk and a banana
Figs: my favortie fruit
Salted cashews
Let’s just take a second to talk about South African produce…
Enough fruits and veggies to feed and army... or one Portuguese family for a week...
First of all, it’s almost all grown locally because they have dream-like soil. Secondly, everything is brightly-colored, properly-sized and non-GMO. Thirdly, I am certain that the nutrient content is much higher, because after a short time of being here (every time) my nails and hair start growing at twice the normal rate and my body feels like it should have been living here its entire life.

Needless to say, it’s almost impossible for me to keep my hands off the fruits and veggies.

Tuesday: Tea, celery with hummus, soft-boiled egg, orange.
Wednesday: Chilled mashed cinnamon pumpkin and tuna salad with celery, carrots, pickle, mayo, lemon juice, and cherry tomatoes.

Tuesday dinner (not pictured)- honey mustard chicken, salad, and pumpkin. 
Wednesday: pork chop, roasted veggies, and salad.
 Fun things took place the past two action-packed mornings:

On Tuesday I…
  • Hit up the bank. Not literally… I suppose the terms “hit up” and “bank” should not go in the same sentence.
  • Visited the cake man
  • Had a look at a little cottage nearby—which was not as wonderful as advertized. Even the pictures were much more spectacular than the real thing.
  • Went to the new Pick ‘n Pay in town which resembles Fresh Market. It was love at first shop.
  • Made a trip to the fruit and veggie shop, A.K.A. the Mecca of Produce. I must take pictures next time we go. Just imagine piles and stacks of the most gorgeous fresh fruits and vegetables you’ve ever seen. It’s basically the farmer’s market on steroids.
  • Spent the evening with the love of my life who came home to tell me he had a surprise day off on Wednesday. Nothing makes me happier than spending the evening with him.
Wednesday I…
  • Went to Makro (South African Sam’s Club) with Miguel in the AM to look for some new stylish kicks for all “the walking we’ll be doing” on my surprise honeymoon.
  • Realized that we would have to come back to Makro another day seeing as the line was about 70 people long. No joke.
  • Created a registry for my kitchen tea (bridal shower). I am going to write a book called The Almost Perfect Man (because I’m not delusional), and it’s going to be all about Miguel. Seeing him get excited about home ware is so hot…
  • Chilled on the couch for the rest of the afternoon
The Europa Cup Final is on TV now, which I am supposed to be watching right now. I’m gonna go do that…

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