Thursday, May 26

Sitting Waiting, Wishing

Lately, it seems like all I've been doing is sitting, waiting, and wishing in my new, lackadaisical life. This morning, I’ve just finished a lovely breakfast and sent my fiancé off to work.
Oats with cooked apple and plain yogurt with coffee.
At present, I'm sitting in my robe, hot tea in hand, with absolutely nothing to do. I plan on being in my pajamas for the majority of the day. A cold front has come in, and we are experiencing a chilly inside temperature of, what I would estimate to be around 60 degrees F (or lower), with the outside temp being 41 degrees F. It’s still May, and technically not even winter yet. Yikes. I still have yet to bust out my heater so as not to spoil myself too early… I'm apprehensively waiting for the cold to hit and wishing I were back in the hot Florida summer.

Yesterday was rather active, I would say, starting with breakfast of veggie soup (I’ve had a sore throat which I wish would just go away), and 1 hour morning walk with SAM. When we returned, Miguel had come home since he had the day off. Everyone showered, spiffed up, and headed out to pay the deposit for our hotel room for the wedding night. ;) The place is literally 2 minutes from the wedding venue and the hotel is absolutely gorgeous. AND, there’s a full English breakfast included. Yes please! I’m super excited and just can't wait for it to get here!!

After some running around, as per the yooj, we came back home for some lunch. I had a repeat of veggie soup, this time topped with yogurt and a side of avo.
Looks iffy, tasted wonderful! Nothing better than soup on a cold day.
 Feeling a little under the weather from my scratchy throat, a nice nap was in order. I slept in the living room for I don’t know how long, and by the time I woke up, it was almost 5 o’clock. Seriously, I have no idea where the time goes here.

We had made an appointment to go see the wedding DJ at a little café (I love this country), so we left early to sit and have coffee beforehand. I had a yummy, super frothy cappuccino which did not have the privilege of being photographed, and Miguel had a milkshake. I thought he was nuts, considering it was about 40 degrees outside. What can I say? I love him despite his madness. While waiting for our disk jockey to arrive, I finished my night cap and wished I could have about 3 more of them.

Our DJ was surprisingly younger than we expected. I’m not sure why, but both of us just assumed he was older. Because of this, we came incredibly prepared with a long list of music we want played at the wedding and all of these fantastic ideas. Luckily, he is about 27-ish, and clearly knows what he’s doing. Phew! We are going to rock it outtttt! I’m totally stoked about this partizzle.

Due to our late little meeting, we also had a late dinner.
Spinach, tomato, and chicken bake.
It was beyond good. I wished I could have eaten about 5 more pieces of chicken, but being the responsible person that I am (ha.), I only ate one. *pats self on back*. The rest of my night was spent sitting on the couch, looking for prospective living arrangements for my husband-to-be and I. There are about a million and one places that I have already entered into a rather committed online relationship with, but there's no telling where we’ll be until Miguel’s signed something. But until then, I'll be sitting here, waiting for news, and wishing for something amazing!

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