Monday, May 16

No Good News

For those of you who have never had back pain, you are lucky. For those who have reoccurring or chronic back pain and manage to function in everyday life like a normal human being, I applaud you-- you are saints (this is specifically directed to my grandfather who has endured a lifetime of back pain and three back surgeries). 

This is the pits. I woke up this morning at a silly o’clock (AKA 5 AM), and thought, Hm. Maybe a little bit of morning yoga will be good for my back. Let me just tell you, that was the worst idea I’ve ever had. After about 5 minutes of yoga warm up, I realized that I was worse off than when I started. So, instead of practicing yoga, I read about practicing yoga. I just got to the Pray portion of Eat, Pray, Love. I have to say, it’s not quite as beautiful and full of pleasure-filled descriptions of food and scenery, but the message is inspirational so far.

By 6:45, I was a hungry girl, and I ate a comprehensive, well-rounded breakfast.
Yogurt with tangerine and oatmeal
Back to my complaining… As the day went on, my lower back continued twisting and knotting. By 10 AM, I was walking and sitting like a cross between a duck and a 9-month pregnant woman (or maybe they are one in the same…).

After some convincing, I headed to the chiropractor. I found this very irritating and disheartening because 1) I hate going to the doctor and 2) This is my 5th day here and I am already falling apart. The diagnosis wasn’t good. Actually, I’m not quite sure what the diagnosis was… I assume it is a strained muscle. But basically, I have to take a week break from any working out and lay around as much as possible. Even sitting for a long period of time is no good. You should feel special to know that this post is being written while sitting down; I am enduring pain for you…

Now, let me tell you something. It’s a little over 1 month until my wedding and I’ve just been told not to work out for a week. Upon hearing this, my brain went into instant panic mode. I’m just trying not to think about it and preparing myself to work double as hard once my back is good as new.

After my spirits were significantly dampened by the diagnosis,  I spent the next 3 hours laying on the floor with a pillow under my butt. The next week of inactivity may just push me over the edge. My only consolation for this problem is good food.
Salad and beef stew over brown rice.
My next few posts will probably go something like this:

I laid around all day today and ate uninspiring food. –The End.

I know you are excited to read them…

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  1. uninspiring food ?? no way ..boring/bad food should ignite the spark that'll get the old creative engine churning up ideas on spicing up and improving the culinary disasters or at least get you thinking up ways to make it possible to cook something up while sitting on a pillow :)