Sunday, May 8

I Made It

How’s it going everyone? I hope your weekend is off to a fabulous start.

Today marks the end of 4 years of exhaustion, fun times, hard work, and accomplishment. I am now officially a graduate of Stetson University! Yesterday, Biff and I spent the whole day enjoying each other’s company, eating entirely too much, and celebrating our upcoming graduation.
Sweet potato for breakfast. Loved it.

Biff and I at BJ's Brewhouse
Biff's salad. That avocado ended up on my pizza...
GF pizza with chicken, red onions, and basil
Biff and Babs
I was beyond happy with this pizza. Amazing.
Champagne glass courtesy Stetson University
Champagne toast with the friends
This morning, we woke up at 6 AM, got ourselves ready, packed up our things, and snapped some cutesy photos.

Then we traipsed across campus in our caps and gowns to wait an hour in a large gym next to people we’ve never seen before. 

I decided a live tweet session was in order. Check out the evidence on my twitter page-

I walked across that stage, shook our president’s hand and listened to what was (I’m sure) rehearsed words of encouragement, and went back to my seat. Shortly after receiving my paper that said, “This is not your diploma. Go pick it up immediately following the ceremony,” I headed to the potty room. While standing in the lobby, I decided it would be a great idea for the family to come out and take pictures before the rush.

After the long ceremony, Biff and I said our goodbyes (not final ones). 
Biff and I with Sabs, whose graduation was at 1:30.
Then I headed to De La Vega, the local gourmet Mexican restaurant. What a fantastic choice. Everyone was raving about the food. I was certainly not disappointed.

Nopalitos: char-grilled cactus with pineapple and cheese topped with roasted red peppers
Adopted grandmother/bestie. I'm sure going to miss her.
Mayan steak platter.
Salmon with avocado glaze.
Mango margarita and sangria. Lovely.
Love the fam.
Sisterly love
Most amazing flan ever. This is not a title that I just throw around... We Cubans don't joke about flan.
The rest of the day was spent taking my last drive back from Collegeville, napping, and working out with the family, and contemplating everything that’s been happening and everything that’s about to happen. Tomorrow begins the process. I have about a million things to do and I’m bursting at the seams. Incredibly, a week from now, I will be in the arms of the person I love most in the world. I can’t wait.

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