Tuesday, May 3

Feeling Zombonic

Let’s get real, kidlets. I’m exhausted. Holy Mother of Pearl, my fingers are about to fall off. I have been typing now for what feels like a solid year, and I am ready to be done. Yesterday, I took no pictures, partially because I didn’t feel like it, and partially because I hardly had time to breathe. I worked on a final exam for about 6 hours, and, mid-work, my family made a surprise visit. It was nuts, food-filled, and energy-sapping. I went to bed late and woke up early this morning to take a walk with Mons. She has decided she wants me to assist in her endeavor to get fit this summer. I feel so special.

Following our first “get fit” session, I munched a light breakfast.  
Egg puff on toast with hot sauce
 Mama and I made grocery trip, after which, I was starved. A delicious lunch was in order.
Smoked ham roles, 1/2 a banana, 1 large carrot, and celery topped with...
THIS!!! Omg, this is the most amazing new dip ever! 3g of protein in 2 tbsp. WHAAAT!?!?
 Unfortunately, my blood-sugar took a major plunge before I ate, and I felt zombonic [zom-bo-nic—(adjective) like a zombie]. Naptime was necessary.

Upon waking, I had a protein shake, ran some errands, then had a light dinner.
Snack time: Protein, frozen blueberries, and instant coffee
Chopped salad and a bowl of cottage cheese
 A later snack of apple with peanut butter was had.

My current state of mind does not allow for a more extravagant post than this. The following photos are representative of my life at the present.

So there it is. My life is crazy, I’m exhausted, and I’m ready for all of these loose ends to be tied up. Only a few more pages of take-home exam and one in-class exam to go before I am done with school forever. Until then, I'll be sipping my tea and dream of that wonderful moment of accomplishment.
Love this stuff

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