Friday, May 20

Things I've Missed

When you mention South Africa, for many uninformed people, thoughts of mud huts, antelopes bounding across the plains, and lions roaming wild is often a picture that comes to mind. Worldwide,  unfortunately, South Africa is known for its (rather recent) rocky and tumultuous past.

Yes, SA has its down sides, and although its residents might argue it’s sometimes hard to see anything else, I try to focus on all of its diverse culture, luscious landscape, and of course, scrumptious food. With each passing day, I realize how much I’ve missed this place.

As previously mentioned, the fruit is to die for.
Papaya with yogurt and GF granola
Things here are pretty close together. There’s a shopping center every few feet and an hour away is a “lengthy drive.” BUT (and this is a big but), for the most part, there is virtually no store that has everything (i.e. Wal-Mart). Translation: you have to go to a million different places to get your shopping done. For a busy bee, this might not be ideal. For me, one with nothing better to do at present, this is awesome because it takes up the entire morning.

One of time-consuming things we did today was go to the garden center, which happens to also contain my favorite café. This brings me to another beautiful thing I love about this country. There are cafés everywhere. And I do mean everywhere. Not drive through coffee kiosks or Dunkin’ Donuts. Nope. Just sit-down, enjoy-the-company, savor-the-moment, and sip-your-coffee-slowly cafés. And a café surrounded by plants and flowers—can you say perfection?
Cappuccino art
Chillin'. Literally. It's cold here...
 Having the copious amounts of food readily available makes for colorful and flavorful meals. Case in point:
Salad, chicken and rice, and cauliflower
 These are just a few things I love and have dearly missed about my new country of residence. I am doing everything I can to soak it all in and make up for lost time.

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