Monday, January 31

Never a Dull Moment, Always a Good Time

This weekend was completely over run with, dot, dOT, DOT, FAMILY!!! Friday night was spent chowing down on dinner, followed by 2 hours of laughing, story-telling, and more laughing. 
Roasted potatoes, sauerkraut, and a breadless hamburger. 
I also came to the realization that we all spend a ridiculous amount of time together. I hope it never changes.

Saturday morning, all 8 of us skipped along to America’s Friendliest Hometown for breakfast and a movie. I usually eat breakfast shortly after waking, so by the time we arrived at the Barrel of Crackers, I was famished. I ate a gigantic bowl of oats with brown sugar and sliced banana with a side of Gluten-zyme.
There was a little dairy sprinkled on top. Yumzies.

Causing a public disturbance.


Food, food, and more greasy, delicious food.
 After disturbing everyone in the restaurant with our antics, we headed over to the theater to see The Green Hornet  in 3D. No one was in the movie which is a recipe for loud, obnoxious children. Before the movie started, we had a mini photo shoot in the seats.
Cute pic to start off the shoot.

Thowin' up gang signs. My mother was unhappy.

Josiah looking, well, under some kind of influential substance. I suppose we can blame the obscene amount of sugar in his breakfast...

Mikey gazing into the distance.

Mikey with no neck.

Again with the face...

Got it right this time.

Settled for silly faces.

Short-neck buzzard over here.

Apparently, he and Josiah shared a breakfast.

Finally, a good one.

Stray hand. What a jerk, Paul.

Angry about our horrible picture-taking abilities.

Copy cats.

Fish face.

More anger. What is with my claw?

Ok, this is getting ridiculous.

Can't NEVA go wrong with Gansta shots.

Frustration taking over.

What the...?


Pretending to think... We all know the truth.
 Finally, we settled down and watched the movie.  It was AMAZING!!! It was so funny and it had awesome effects. Seth Rogan is a genius.

At 4 PM the children (accompanied by  Gigantor- stepdad) left the house to see the Monster Truck Jams. Interested in redneck, macho crap? Check out Mon's blog post about it... When my mom initially asked if I wanted to go, I laughed. Apparently it wasn’t a joke…  I passed on the offer leaving Mama and I home in the peace and quiet. Thankfully. Gigantor’s mom came over to hang with us for a little girl time and we had a lovely dinner together. But first, dark chocolate and red wine. Who says dessert can't come first?
Match made in heaven.

A child-free night was just what I needed.
Roasted squash and zuccini, spaghetti squash with sauteed tomatoes and garlic, and bread. Delectable.
 I woke with a start stretch and reluctant roll on Sunday morning with breakfast on the brain. As was requested by the fam, I made banana pancakes, AGAIN. They have a serious addiction. It’s a problem.  But I’m not complaining…
Pancakes with papaya.
 Lunch was crazy, considering we had 5 hungry men clamoring for a bite to eat at the same time. Somehow, I managed to get some pseudo-guacamole, chips, and a sandwich.
Half avocado, half salsa. I almost ate this entire bowl of chips.

Toasted ham and provolone.
 I spent the rest of the evening attempting to get homework done with little success. A few hours of sporadic screaming, door-slamming, laughing, and more screaming, the cousins went back home. Aaah, sweet relief. Haha. Just kidding guys. I love you all. Never a dull moment, always a good time.

By 5 PM, I gave up homework and went to the kitchen to start dinner.
Roast chicken, brown rice, sauteed greens and peppers, and roasted squash and beets.
 The rest of the night was spent relaxing and sitting in front of the boob tube. I needed it. I plan on having a productive week, so I am taking advantage of the relaxation and recharging my batteries. My blast of a weekend took it out of me, but it was oh so fun.


  1. Thanks so much for the encouragement! I had a look at yours as well! Super cute. Two thumbs up for whole food living!