Tuesday, March 1

There's No Place Like Home

I’ve recently come to the realization that it is virtually impossible for me to have a bad weekend at home. Being home recharges my batteries after a stressful week or a long drive from school, and it's the only place where my over-active brain can focus.

The house I currently live in was my grandparent’s house. My family and I have lived here four separate times in between moving, but now, we're here for good. This is the house where every holiday is spent. It’s the place birthdays are celebrated and get-togethers are hosted. Sleepovers, golf-cart rides, make-believe adventures, bonfires, tennis matches, Jet Ski races, long walks, and long talks have taken place here. People have been raised here, grown up here, moved in, and moved out. Fun, food, and laughter are non-negotiable here, and whether coming or going, you can always be sure to walk through the door with a smile on your face.

Home is…


Open and spacious

My dream work environment, but also the perfect place for chillin'

Full of delicious food
Healthy taco salad

Blueberry overnight oats

Toast with cream cheese and tomatoes, rots, and pickle (Snookie-style).

Spinach salad, sauteed spinach, Ener-G gluten-free macaroni with Italian dressing, and roasted chicken.

Plain yogurt with crumbled Ener-G Ginger Cookie.

The place where packages of gluten-free goodness arrive just for me
Betty Lou's gluten-free bars, Nut Butter Ball, Fruit Bars, and whey protein.
 Betty Lou's Inc. sent me a package of good stuff to try and share my review with you! I first found out about Betty Lou's at the SOHO convention in December, and fell in love with a few of their products. When they arrived, I was so excited about trying them. I ate a Coconut Macadamia Nut Butter Ball right away.
Coconut Macadamia Nut Butter Ball
 These Nut Butter Ballz are protein-packed and pack-able. They are perfect for keeping in your bag when you're on-the-go. The ballz are palm-sized and are super dense. I was shocked at their fairly heavy weight.  The Coco-Mac Ball has shaved coconut on the outside, giving it a really nice, macaroon-like texture. I could have stood for a little more coconut, but then again, I am a coconut fiend! I devoured this delicious ball for an afternoon snack and was amazed that it kept me full for the next few hours. I am super excited to try the other Betty Lou's Products! They all look so good, I am going to have trouble deciding which ones to eat first.

Here are the stats:

Calories- 150
Fat- 7g
Dietary Fiber-5g
Sort of egg-shaped, but I'm ok with it.

Shared with three of my favorite people
Typical: Everyone on the computer with the TV on. We are a techno-family.

Mons wondering why the Hades I'm taking random pics of her.

Inhabited by 7 strange and psychotic, yet lovable creatures
Action shot

Photo shoot

This is my grandfather. He hates dogs...Max and Oscar like him.

Mizzer protecting his squeaker hot dog


Tiki (the cockatiel) looking conspicuous, as usual.

The place where memories are made (the following pics were taken the day before my love left the U.S. almost two years ago)

 As I watch the last school year of my life fly by, and the beginning of real life drawing nearer, I’ve become mindful of everything that I may have neglected or taken for granted. Home is one of those things. To put it simply, there’s no place like home.

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