Wednesday, January 12

Blog Block (A.K.A. SnackFace Rip Off Post)

I am always, ALWAYS reading health, fitness, and beauty articles and blogs. Tuesday, I was thinking about what they Hades I would post on. Suddenly, I remembered SnackFace’s post entitled, “This is What My Balance Looks Like.” Since she invited her fellow blogginistas to jump on the Balance Bandwagon, I am doing it. Blame the blog block. But I am DOIN’. IT.

MY Balance is… (drum roll please).

Talking to my honey at least twice a day
Me and my hubby-to-be.

Living in a house overrun by dogs
From left: Gizmo, Pixie, Oscar, Lucy, Max, and Kiwi. Yes we have 6.

Eating 3 square meals a day
Toast with apple.

Chicken Soup

Quinoa, barbeque chicken, and broccoli.

Plus snacks…

Fruit of grapes.

Ener-G Corn Loaf. So delish. AND only 40 cals/slice. But who's counting?

…Plus dessert
Pumpkin yog with gingy cookie

COFFEE. Need I say more?
Red lipstick stain on the side. Hot.

Eating some form of chocolate at least once a day

Working out 5 days a week...

Walking dogs 3 separate times in a day (and counting it as my workout).

Spending quality time with La Familia
We were painting my sleeping uncle's face on New Year's
Obsessing over health and beauty info
Being productive. That means cleaning, blogging, working out, cooking something, or working on school 
work of some sort.

And looking cute while doing it…

NEVER taking myself too seriously
Throwback picture. Me with bangs. Mons with red hair.
Basically, my balance is about enjoying myself, staying healthy, and having fun. Life’s too short of have it any other way.

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