Wednesday, January 5

Food Lover On-the-Go

Hiya Pals! The past few weeks have been extremely slow, save for my hoppin’ holidays.

Tuesday, however, was cray (zay). I had several to-do’s planned for the day, so I woke up bright and early at 7 am.  I headed straight for the kitch (I am feeling the abbrevs). It made me realize how unfit for diets I am…
Egg on toast. Yog with pap (Let me clarify for my South African family..."papaya")
Best egg seasoning ever.
 I had my coffee and breakfast and cleaned a little. I realize I say I clean a lot. If you must know, “clean” means tidy, wipe, down, and otherwise “nicer” up the house. When I say, “I spent 2 hours cleaning,” or “I spent a large portion of my day scrubbing,” you know I mean business.

After my food digested, Lucy was literally nudging me toward the door and showcasing her extraordinary ability of whining in the most annoying possible way while managing to still be cute. I decided to bring Max-er with is. What a sucker I am.

I opted for an early lunch. On Monday, I received a package from Gillian's GF foods
Gillian's Food
 I tried out the Penne pasta for lunch. Gluten-free pasta is often fragile and doesn't cook very evenly. This pasta, on the other hand, cooked perfectly. It had a great taste, unlike some GF pastas. The only problem I found with this penne was a starchy coating after it was cooked making it stick together. But, it was easy to break the noodles apart and they did not tear or crumble. Super. I give them a 6 out of 10.
Brown Rice Penne
Chicken salad, carrots, and chilled penne with Italian dressing.
Berry tea and vanilla tea. Perfect combo.
 Then I packed some snackies since I knew I would be on the go all day.
Dogs in the background.
Broken New Year's Resolution. Fashion Faux Pas in action. Tea in hand. Hot. 

After lunch, I headed out to college-ville to see one of my besties.
This is Flo-Rida. She is my 83-yr-old bestie/adopted grandmother.
 My other poopers were super excited to see me, since I haven’t been to Journey’s End Animal Sanctuary in about a week (I usually go 2-3 times a week).  Flo-Rida told me I would be accompanying her on some errands. I love hangin’ with her, so I was totally ok with it. We spent the next few hours out on the town, looking for some home-improvement stuffs. Afterward, she bought me some coffee and coffee ice cream. Did I mention how much I love her? I tried to pay for my own treat but harsh words were exchanged. Who knew an 83-yr-old woman could say such things…  

I went to the bank, made some clothing exchanges for Flo-Rida, and headed back to home base. As soon as I got back, I went straight for the Wii Zumba for some supplemental workout. Fast. Fun. Fantastic.
Feeling the need for something fresh, I made myself a hearty salad.
Lettuce, carrots, quinoa, cucumbers, tomatoes, banana peppers, a spritz of Italian dressing, and apple cider vinegar.
 I caught up on my favorite blogs and a sudden urge for croissants. Croissants are possibly one of my favorite foods, but I haven’t had one in over 3 years. I discovered a recipe using rice flour, which is super convenient, considering I just got some from Ener-G. Then I read this post “How to Eat Like a French Woman” from I Made Dinner.  It’s fate! I am beyond excited. Wednesday’s post will tell the tale!

I plan on spending the rest of my night watching Clinton Kelly and Stacey London bash the wardrobes of innocent people. It’s fantastic. Then I will go to bed dreaming of croissants.

 2 days 'til Giveaway!

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