Thursday, January 27

Obsession Central

Hiya Pals! Lately, I have noticed a great deal of repetition and boring routine in my life (which I don’t normally appreciate). But if it’s not broken, don’t fix it, right? I have decided to embrace this repetitiveness and call it “obsession” (now trending). So, I’ve compiled a list of some things I am currently OBSESSED with:

Black Coffee
I used to drink coffee with copious amounts of cream and sweetener. I slowly whittled away at my coffee “mates” (no pun intended) and woke up one morning craving stand-alone java. Yesterday, in my half-asleep state, I unknowingly took a sip of my mom’s corrupted brew. I seriously have no idea why I polluted it before.

Women’s Health Rock Solid Ab Workout
I’ve recently decided to do a little less cardio, a little more abs. I’m diggin’ it.

New American Idol Judges
I have never been a huge fan of American Idol, but these new judges have me hooked. Jennifer Lopez is so fun and funny. Steven Tyler= Cray Cray/premium entertainment. 

I teeter between cottage cheese and yogurt. At the present, yogurt it is.

Sleigh rides
Dog. Harness. Rollerblades. Traveling at 20 MPH. Need I say more?

Anthony Bourdain

If I ever come back as a man, I want to be exactly like my friend Tony. Actually, I like to think of myself as an extremely mild version of him. This self-proclaimed anti-hippy, anti-vegetarianism, anti-conformism, lover of all things tasty, cynic, narcissist, and all-around badass is possibly the most wonderfully entertaining critic on TV. I am fairly certain I could watch No Reservations every day for the rest of my life.  How can you dislike a guy who describes Bollywood as “’The Sound of Music’ on mushrooms”? Love it.

Waking up early
Now, before you stop reading because you think I am a crazy person, you should know that within the first few hours of waking, I am at my most productive state. I also think that I get too excited for breakfast to continue sleeping past 7 AM (this is absolutely NO exaggeration. Scout’s honor).

My new haircut
 I was feeling like a change. Not too drastic. Cute, chic, EASY. Me likey.

Breakfast bread/pastry-like items
 Let's recap:

Before I went gluten-free, I actually avoided breads/pastries like the plague. I was convinced they made me gain weight (some truth in that). Now, I eat up- almost every morning. This obsession includes, but is not limited to breakfast time.

These are just a few things that have me drooling at the moment. What are your current obsessions?


  1. im so with you on the mornings! i LOVE them! although today i woke up at 4:30.. a little TOO early for my liking!

  2. Yes! Mornings are the best! I do agree about the 4:30 thing- a little early. However, I have been known to bang out an awesome paper or two in the wee small hours of the morning.