Saturday, January 1

Christmas Cheer Brings… Dance Revolution??

Happy New Year Everyone! Here's my first post of the 2011:

For the past two years, I have been in South Africa for Christmas, so I figured it would be a good idea to spend my last Christmas before I move with my family. Nothing beats an American Christmas. However, my family’s holiday gatherings are not what you would call the typical or traditional in any sense of the words.

This year, the most festive day of the year started out normal- tranquil and cozy- with baking, a toasty fire, and a beautiful tree.

Mons making deviled eggs.
Jelly-filled cookies
 Then the family began arriving… I had the brilliant idea of having all finger foods instead of a big sit-down dinner (we usually make a gigantic pot of paella). We grazed at the table the whole day, probably consuming way more calories than we would have otherwise. But who cares?
Finger food-ville
 We worked off some of those spinach dip and little sausage calories with a Spanish dance contest that my grandfather concocted.

The day turned into evening, and I decided it was time to speak to my Hot Soccer Player. I emerged from my room I stumbled upon this:

Since an alien abduction is highly unlikely, I’m satisfied with conclusion that there had been a Bollywood invasion. All we needed was a villain emerging from a tree somewhere…

This scene was a result of courtesy Wii Let’s Dance 2. It’s a blast. We danced for 2 more hours after that.
I suppose you could call Thursday night our pre-New Year’s Eve parteezy. Three of my cousins spent the night, and guess what they happened to bring along with them- Let’s Dance 2. We couldn’t help ourselves.
Loving the face on my cuz.
On New Year’s Eve, mom, stepdad, cousins, and I went to the mall, shopped around a little and bought Wii Zumba!
Zumba Fitness
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 A few of our relations joined us for dinner, and we had some delicious Mexican eats.
Picked over food
Mexican Bean Soup
 Immediately after we ate, we ran straight for the Wii remotes. It was a horrible idea since I felt sick afterward. But it was a total blast. Great way to spend New Year’s Eve. 
Wishing this cookie was my honey.
Obsessing over peanut butter chocolate chip cookies in between songs.
I think this could be a new way of life for the New Year. I am obsessed. A dance revolution has begun.


  1. Happy New Year~
    Looks like you all had a great time
    We LOVE our Let's Dance too!!

  2. We did have a great time! Happy New Year! I hope it's a good one! Don't forget to enter my giveaway. I know you have some awesome GF recipes up your sleeve!

  3. Happy New Year !!! a lively bunch, can't wait till the wedding :)