Thursday, January 13

Short and Sweet

Hiya Pals! Can we just talk about how expensive college is? It sucks. I know there is a great deal to be gained from taking pointless classes for 4 years, but come on. It's madness. And don't even get me started on the way they figure how much money you should get. I am fairly certain their calculator is screwed uuuuppp. Just sayin'. I spent several hours on the phone with the financial aid department finagling my way to a cheaper education. I did succeed, however trivially. 

I had to get in a nice workout since I knew Thursday would not be conducive for such things. Lucy and I ran 1.7 miles (the length of my hood) in 18 minutes, which isn't too shabby, considering I haven't actually RAN in about 2 weeks. Then I did my usual strength training thaaang.

In the midst of it all, I had some yummy eats.
Papaya, oats, and coconut milk. Don't forget the java.

Egg salad, pickle, and Snack Face's Cheetahs. They look more like Black Panthers.I forgot to take altitude into account.

Avo on toast with afternoon coffee. My daily dose of Glamour in the background.

Hamburger, sauerkraut, and cauliflower. Not too colorful, but oh so yummy.
 After dinner, I decided to make scones. Again. I am addicted. This time, I went for chocolate chip and almonds... and triangles.
Thursday's breakfast.
 Perfection. The recipe will be coming soon…

Thursday starts the last semester of my college career. I am beyond excited. I am so ready to be back into the groove of things, doing something worthwhile.  It’s gonna be a crazy day on Thursday. Class from 10-4, straight through. What fun. I will come back with a full report on the school day (and the scones).

Later peeps.

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