Friday, January 7

Spread the Love. Love the Spread.

Almost every night after I eat dinner, my sweet tooth creeps up on me. Sometimes, I get sick of just having a 100 calorie Biochem Sports Protein bar or a piece of fruit. I recently read a recipe (if you could call it that) of a yummy fruit dip. Something low-cal, yet fantastico! Product: Yogging. Yes, yogging. It's a cross between pudding and yogurt that is possibly the easiest, most delicious fruit dip you will ever taste.
Yogging and happy apple- together at last.
I took 1/2 cup of yogurt and 2 tsp sugar free/fat free vanilla pudding (you can use whatever flavor you want), stirred it all up, and paired it with a baby apple. The apple thanked me.

I got to thinking about spreads and dips. They are usually so fattening or unhealthy. But are there healthy dips/spreads out there? In reading my daily does of, I came upon an article about Herb Spread. 

Anyone that knows me well knows that, that when I get an idea about something, I run with it. Right. Away. I got excited about low-cal spreads. I perused the World-Wide Web for about an hour, and came up with this little listy of yummy-looking, healthy spreads:

Cream cheese is probably the most common base for a dip. Who wants to consume all those cals? Not me. You can always substitute it with plain yogurt (get Greek for a thicker consistency) or blended cottage cheese. Hurray! I am excited. I want to eat all of these dips and spreads. Right now. You should to. Go. Do it.

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