Thursday, January 20

One Delicious Step Toward a Better World

Hiya pals! I hope that everyone’s week is going fantastico! Wednesday set the rest of my week up to be wonderful. 

 I woke up with the intention of getting a great deal accomplished, which I did… sort of. I had my yooj assortment of delicious foods throughout the day. 

Banana nut oatmeal

What's up, Doc?

PureFit is having a sale right now!!

Soup, salad, and bread. Can't go wrong.
Spaghetti squash with meat sauce. Yum-o. 
Ginger cookie and dark choc. Pixie looking sad, wishing she could have some.

The best part of my day, however, began around 2 PM…

Mons and I loaded up to make a trip to the Pub (-lix). We gathered a few necessities like fruits and veggies, and along the way, we found this:
Candy bar= major discovery.
 I have gone to this specific Pub countless times and never noticed this candy bar. There was a little locked box that said, “2 for $0.25.”
"2 for $0.25"
 I watched a baffled look come over Mons’ face and she asked, “How do they know you paid for the candy?”

I told her that this is the perfect example of the fact that there is still honesty and trust in the world. As I slipped my two quarters into the little box, my heart smiled. 
So did my face... and my tummy. How I love salt water taffy.
 I was certain that belief in the goodness of people no longer existed, but I was wrong. There is still hope for humanity. It really made my day. I have decided that from now on, I am ALWAYS going to get 2 pieces of candy from the candy bar. I want to perpetuate this honest exchange. The next time you come across one of these little boxes, you should too. Just think of it as one delicious step toward making the world a better place.  

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