Friday, December 3

An Apple a Day

Sickness has been wracking my body these past few days. At first, I was convinced it was allergies. But I was sorely mistaken. It's official, I have a cold. I do NOT like being sick. I mean, it makes me absolutely miserable. And I am pretty sure I make everyone else around me miserable. Sorry everyone else around me. And not only am I miserable, but I completely absent-minded and out of it. 

I didn't work out on Wednesday because I was feeling so horrible. I knew I needed to get those lymph nodes going so I went for a walk on Thursday. 35 minutes of walking with about 5-7 min of running scattered throughout. I didn't feel very good after the workout, which was unusual but understandable considering the circumstances. So I took a nice shower and ate some lunch.

Although I LOVE to change up my foods and have variety in my diet, when I am sick, simple is comforting. Nothing makes me feel better like homemade chicken soup, which is what I had for lunch on Thursday. 
Chicken soup goodness.
Thanks, Mama. You’re awesome. She’s reading this right now…

I got creative and cooked some cauliflower in the chicken broth and added it to my soup. Made for a nice texture.

My afternoon snack was a mélange of Rice Chex, almonds, and cranberries. Interesting. Delicious.

After my 6-9 class that never goes 6-9 but feels like it goes 6-11, I came to my Thursday-night pad- Biff's app. Biff is also sick.
Sick faces
I was planning on eating some more chicken soup. But instead, I decided on apple, GF crackers, and peanut butter.
While in my semi-catatonic state, I went through my food pics of the day. I saw my picture of breakfast and had absolutely no recollection of my morning apple consumption.
Onion and Garlic Bagel with Apple
 I am officially going crazy. And I feel like crap. Obviously, an apple a day does NOT keep the doctor away. But they sure are good. I will just keep poppin’ my Vit C’s, drinking my nasty Goldenseal and Echinacea tea, and whining my way through this sickness. It’s a fool-proof system.

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