Friday, December 10

Wrinkles Are In!

In skimming through my daily dose of health and beauty articles, I came across this article about Lauren Hutton and her campaign for beautiful aging.  She is the face of J. Crew.
I was totally inspired by her comfort with age. I really hope that one day, when I am beautifully aged, I can be comfortable with my wrinkles, and not-so-perfect body. I attempted to search for her secrets for staying beautiful without turning to plastic surgery, but it seems that Ms. Hutton is simply blessed with genetics.

However, I continued my investigation into secrets for looking beautiful even with age and came across a few other stunning “mature” women who have stayed beautiful naturally.  
Jerry Hall
Meryl Streep
Helen Mirren
Unsurprisingly, all of these women have their own secrets for staying gorgeous. Helen Mirren made a good point when she said, “It’s ridiculous to pretend we can stay young forever.” So, I have combined all of these little tips and words of wisdom into a list I like to call:

Getting Hotter Age
  • Exercise, Exercise, Exercise- Meryl Streep swears by low impact exercise like swimming. Helen Mirren and Jerry Hall both do yoga. Jerry Hall says, "Exercise releases endorphins, which give you that inner glow." Muscle tone keeps skin firm and cellulite free. I think that’s awesome.
  • Drink lots of water- We hear this all the time, but it’s true. Water keeps everything hydrated, making your skin more elastic, keeping your organs functioning the way they should, and keeping your brain sharp.
  • Stay positive- negativity and stress age you faster. Taking some time out of your day to meditate, pray, or just close your eyes in a quiet environment for a few minutes will keep you balanced and relaxed.
  • Fall in love- A common denominator in each of these women’s lives is love. And we all know that love keeps you from aging.
  •  Eat as naturally as possible- By eating natural and whole foods, your body had an easier time digesting and utilizing the nutrients. More nutrients means a healthier body.
  • Indulge and enjoy life-  Be happy and enjoy yourself. This is pretty self-explanatory
Which is what I did today...

    My treat from my mama for being good at the grocery store.
    Chocolate Lovin'
  •  Sleep- Helen Mirren sleeps every chance she gets. Being tired drains your body and makes you age quickly.
  •  Moderation- This actually goes hand in hand with “enjoy yourself”. Eating and drinking whatever you want is the way to go. Jerry Hall eats dark chocolate every day and drinks red wine. But it’s important to moderate your alcohol especially. It’s a major skin killer.
  •   Take Care of your skin- It’s like your packaging! It’s the first thing people see. Stay out of the sun, use SPF and always moisturize.
You might be saying, “These are all common sense things,” but sometimes you need to hear them all together, thrown into a nice little list. Personally, I don’t care if they’re boring or run-of the-mill ideas, I am going to do what these lovely ladies do. Don't mess with the formula for success. We shouldn't be terrified to get older. We should take a lesson from Ms. Hall- "I've spent 25 years looking young and wonderful, it's only natural that now I'm getting wrinkles." I think it’s so important remember that aging can be graceful.

Wrinkles are in girls, and they’re beautiful.  

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