Sunday, December 26

Post Christmas Misery

Hi everyone. I say that with a groaning, unenthusiastic tone. I woke up Sunday morning feeling quite ill. My mama and step dad were also sick last night and this morning. My mom thinks it’s a minor case of the flu. I blame the pork we ate last night. Either way, I have felt like crap (I even got 10 hours of sleep, which is unheard of for me).

I was determined to drink water and feel fine. That’s my family’s cure for everything- drinking water.

“You have a headache? Drink some water.” 

“Why are you crying? Drink water.” 

“Sore muscles? Go get a tall glass of water.”

I went for a bundled up walk with the poopers, and never snapped out of my miserable state. The water trick was unsuccessful. I came home, showered up and warmed up. I had feast of bagel and cream cheese, and went back to bed.

My nap did not cure my less-than-stellar condition either. On top of that, I sat down to write an awesome post about Christmas (which was beyond fun), and realized that Mons had taken the camera cord with her for the week. Poop. So, it will be New Year’s Eve when I post about Christmas. I was not a happy camper.

There was no food-picture-taking of breakfast or lunch, due to my unfulfilled expectation for Christmas blogging. However, I did take a picture of this beauty.
Mom's Make-Us-Feel-Better Crazy Soup Concoction
 My mom is possibly the best random soup maker ever. This is where I get my cooking skills from- find stuff that sounds good, throw it in a pot, come out with a masterpiece. I am not even quite sure what’s in this, except for squash, carrots, quinoa, and celery. There are several other unidentified items gracing the bowl as well. I was too tired to ask. Or care. It was delicious. Believe it or not, it actually made me feel a little better. I am convinced that the happiness of my taste-buds is directly related to my current state of health.

The soup lifted my spirits and brought me out of my unpleasant mood. I've resolved to see Sunday’s turn of events as my body’s way of saying, “Hey, let’s chill out today.” And that’s what I’m doing, bundled up by the fire enjoying the relaxation and cozy weather. Tomorrow is a new (and hopefully healthy) day. 

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