Thursday, December 16

Stranded in Lazy Town

Wednesday I had no car and nothing to do. My stepdad needed to use my car, so I was without. Doesn’t it feel strange not having a car to drive yourself around? It makes me really appreciate having one. I think it’s really great to go without a cell phone, TV, or your car for a day, just to see how amazing and privileged you are to have one. There are my words of inspiration for today.

Wednesday was also my rest day. So I really had nothing to do. I woke up, got some Tropical Delight Coffee (makes me smile just thinking about how amazing this is), and had some breakfast.
Dunkin' Donuts... yummy
JOKES! Jokes all around. I did NOT eat these gluten bombs. Mons did. Tisk tisk.

Yogurt with chopped apple and almonds.
 After skyping my gorgeous fiancĂ©, I had to find something to do. I always find ways to keep myself busy, even if it means doing something pointless. I can’t ever just sit and watch TV or lay around all day.I could have read Bob Dylan’s biography for my research, buuuuttt I decided to waste about 3 hrs watching recently discovered beauty videos by Kandee Johnson, trying to recreate Kim Kardashian’s smoke eye look, and then taking pictures of myself.
Pouty Lips
 Waste of time, but so, so fun. In between all of that, I snacked on a Biochem Sport Protein Bar in Chocolate Truffle.

After my mini photo shoot I had some lunch.
Cottage cheese with chili powder and cumin. Crackers and Cucumber.
Dried mango from Bare Fruit. New addiction.

Then I did some cleaning and took a much needed nap (since I did so much today).
I woke up just in time to receive a package from PureFit! The company was kind enough to send me samples of their product for review. I tried the Chocolate Brownie flavor.
Chocolate Brownie
Product review coming on Thursday! After my yummy snack from PureFit, it was time to start thinking about dinner. This is what I came up with.
Squash, zuccini, and red onions. Mexican sloppy joe (salsa, ketchup, and mustard) and crinkle fries.
I spent the rest of the night watching the “Sing Off”. This was entertaining for two reasons: The first is that I love accapella groups. The second is that our bird has been going crazy every night, making squeaking noises and high whistles, and we haven’t figured out why. Well, we realized that he this crazy behavior corresponds with us watching “The Sing Off”. So hilarious. I think he enjoys the beat-boxing.

This was followed up more makeup videos, taking full advantage of my rest day. Thursday is going to be much more active. But it’s the holidays which equals relax time. No complaints here!

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