Wednesday, December 22

Commitments and Creations

As Christmas inches closer, so do the Christmas commitments. This year, my sister and I are doing a mini concert for the residents at an assisted living. I woke up on Tuesday thinking about the fact that we are WAY behind our practicing schedule. But, since Mons prefers to sleep the day away during Christmas holidays, I had to wait for her before I could do anything. So what did I do? Ate something, of course.
Onion bagel and yogurt with apple butter.
 After breakfast, I did some cleaning to prepare for the family gathering that will be taking place on Friday. By the time sleeping beauty came to life and I had finished my cleaning, it was time for lunch. When I checked the doneness of my lunch, I was incredibly disappointed to find out that it was only half-cooked. I staved off my hunger with snackies.
Corn chips with hummus
Sweet Potato with butter and cinnamon. Somehow, the way I cut it made it heart-shaped. Isn't it lovely?
 I ate my heart-shape root vegetable and we got straight to work on the Christmas music. Pictures and possibly a video or two will be coming on Thursday’s post!

This week, my wonderful fiancé is off from work, which means we get to talk a lot more than usual; so today we chatted it up! By 5pm, it was time for my workout. The past few days I have been working out in the afternoon, and today made me realize why I usually do it in the morning. I have way less energy in the afternoon. However, as I have said so many times before, my poopers, specifically Lucy, does not care if I am not feeling energetic.

She accompanied me on my merry way, and we opted for interval training. We walked for 5 minutes to warm up. Then for 20 minutes, we walked one minute and sprinted one minute. We walked for 10 more minutes at the end. While out for my daily calorie burning session, I contemplated the next time I would be consuming more of them.

I have been lacking in the creative cooking department lately, and I decided that it was time to step it up. In a flash of brilliance, I came up with this splendid new creation:

Fast and Easy Quiche
 It took me a little tinkering to get this right, but once I did, it was fantastic. This was out-of-this-world good. Perfectly fluffy. Here's the recipe if you want to try it out!

I felt so accomplished while eating my beautiful egg creation. I curled upon the couch after dinner with a cup of hot cocoa with a teeny scoop of instant coffee. Chocolate in any form makes me happy. It was a perfect end to my culinary and musically creative day.  

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