Sunday, December 19

Disney Christmas Extraveganza

This year, I was so privileged to accompany my wonderful Biff and her family for their annual trip to Disney to look at the festive hotel Christmas décor. Friday morning, I rushed through my upper body and abs workout and jetted over to her house. Then, we saddled up and made the 1 ½ hr. trip to the magical Land of the Giant Mouse. 

Biff and  I on the road.
 But first, we stopped off at Premium Outlets for some retail fun.We spent a few hours walking around, grabbing sale items as quickly as possible.
Large grass moose holding some sort of burger. Interesting...
We made our purchases and had worked up and appetite, so to Outback we went. Biff and I deliberated over sharing a meal or getting children’s portions, but I was convinced neither would satisfy my voracious hunger. I ordered the adult-sized Grilled Barbeque Chicken.
Basically two chicken breasts and a ton of veggies.
It was too much, but not wanting to be rude, I ate the whole meal. I was bursting at the seams. I knew we would be walking it off, so I felt a little less guilty.

Biff, the parentals, bro, grandparents, and I loaded up in the car and made our way to Disney.
Carousel made of chocolate.


Lights on the water

Unhealthy, delicious-looking Christmas goodies.
Pure sugar. Bleh.
More sugar.

Creepy tiki man at the Polynesian hotel.

Gigantic tree at the Grand Floridian
Pretty gingerbread house.
Everything was so beautiful. We went to all of the wonderfully decorated hotels, looked at the lights, walked around, just enjoying the Christmas spirit.

We finished our night off with some quality chocolate. Ghiradelli’s was giving away Peppermint Bark, and I got a cappuccino at 10pm. Probably not the smartest idea, but it was delicious.
By the time we reached home and I finally got to bed, it was 1:30am. Biff and her grandmother had the wonderful idea of going to the farmer’s market at 8am Saturday morning, so I woke up and drove home. I had a simple breakfast.
Cheetah-banana and cottage cheese with apple butter and almonds.
Then my mama informed me that we would be seeing, “How Do You Know?” It seems everyone was having bright/energy-sapping ideas for Saturday. We watched the movie, which was super cute, and then went to Toojay’s Café.
Salad trio- Chicken mandarin, Dill chicken, and Tuna salad. 
I spent the rest of the day recovering from exhaustion. In the evening, I had a light dinner.
Cheese and crackers with wine
I knew I needed to do some sort of physical activity, so I jumped rope for 30 minutes, while watching “Inception”. Curious to know what kind of good I was doing, I checked out how many calories jumping rope burns. The general consensus is that it burns about 11-20 cals/minute. Awesome.

So, the Disney extravaganza really got me into the Christmas Spirit! What a beautiful way to start the countdown to the most awesome day of the year. Only 6 days, 3 hrs to go! But who’s counting?

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