Thursday, December 9

Dogs Rule My Life

Wednesday was a wonderfully relaxed AND productive day. I never thought that this was possible, but it happened. Since my dogs don’t allow me to sleep any later than 7, I woke up and got right to the productivity. And by productivity, I mean making breakfast.
Cookie Dough Oatmeal before
Cookie Dough Oatmeal after
 I was inspired by Snack-Face and Fitnessista and made myself some “low-maintenance oatmeal”. 1/3 cup oatmeal, 1 tbsp. peanut butter, raisins, ½ a scoop of chocolate whey protein, and cinnamon. Thank you, both of you lovely ladies for making my life just a little bit better.

After breakfast, I finished up my final paper of the semester and did a little happy dance. Then I considered working out.

I woke up with achy muscles that were punishing me for putting them through the torture of P90X. So, I made an executive decision that it would be a rest day. Since I have done relatively the same workout schedule for 7 consecutive weeks, I figured it was time to change it up.

Nothing is more of a motivation killer than a monotonous workout routine. This is my new plan:
  • 2 days of running
  • 2 full body toning and Ab Ripper X (from P90X)
  • 1 day of P90X Plyometrics
  • 2 days of rest
Unfortunately, dogs don’t know the meaning of “rest day”. Something about the winter weather makes our dogs revert to their primal nature and act like untamed savage beasts. Exercise at times like these are non-negotiable. I gathered the poops and we had a round table discussion. We came to a consensus that nothing less than an hour walk would do.A leisurely walk, that is.

Now, I don’t know if you have ever tried to walk 6 dogs, but let me assure you, there has to be a method to the madness. This was the strategy: walk Lucy for the entire hour. Alternate small dogs. Two for the first half and three for the second half.

I got my warm clothes on, put some Jack Johnson in my ears and put our special multiple-dog-walking-contraption on Max and Oscar.
Happy Ashley and poopers
 The second half of the walk was not so happy. I fastened Kiwi and Pixie to the multiple-dog-walking-contraption. The Mizzer immediately began squealing with excitement and anxiety. Lucy was jumping and licking the squealing Mizzer, while nearly pulling my arm out of socket. It quickly became clear to me that the girls thought it would be fun to take turns tripping each other and then wrapping themselves around Lucy. Lucy got so confused that she eventually plopped down in the middle of the road. All the while, the Mizzer was going back and forth, attacking Lucy and screaming like a banshee.

I had to figure out a solution to this craziness. I attached Pixie to Lucy, and a look of relief washed over Kiwi’s furry little face. I watched in amusement as the 6 lb. rat was dragged against her will. When I finally came to my senses and realized how cruel I was being, I freed the little brown fairy. It was obvious that the Mizzer was not able to walk without a leash in his mentally deranged state, so I attached him to Lucy. This was my worst idea yet. He spent the next two minutes facing me and being yanked backward by my hulking tank of a pit bull.

It was time to take the rats home. I could handle no more. I returned Kiwi and Pixie to the couch where they spendt the rest of the day. The Mizzer, Lucy, and I finished off our walk. Fortunately, there were only a few more unsuccessful attempts on Lucy’s life by the Mizzer.

The insanity made me extremely famished, so I had some lunch.
Toast with cottage cheese and a slice of tomato. Broccoli with humus.
 Later, I did some work for this lovely little blog and did some gluten-free research. Then I used my free time to play the piano and sing (I sound like such a nerd). I haven’t done that in quite a while. Maybe I will post a video of myself one day!

Before taking Mons to horse riding lessons, I had a snack.
Apple with cinnamon millet and flax chips.
 When I got back, I made dinner. I have been anticipating tonight’s meal for a while. Drum roll please…

Dun Dunna Nah!
Gluten-Free Pizza with red onions, green olives, and spinach.
What a wonderful, delicious meal. I loved it.
Paired with red wine. Perf.
I followed it up with Chai tea.

The rest of my night was spent watching TV with the parentals and trying to keep the dogs off of the couch. It was unsuccessful.
Mons and Lucy laughing...probably at the fact that Mons is laying on top of Oscar.
Lucy enjoying her cushion
Mons enjoying her cushion.
So sweet.
 Great fun. Great day. And I am totally ok with the fact that my dogs rule my life.


  1. That gluten free pizza looks super good.. why don't you live closer???? :D

    Cute pics of Mons and the doggies :) Our pups hardly ever asks to get up on the couch but with it being so cold he's been wining like crazy to get up and snuggle with us :)

  2. I wish we lived closer too! The poopers have been so cute in this weather. And crazy. But i still love them!