Friday, April 22

Awesome Eats

Thursday was pretty much awesome. It started with an early-morning walk with Mama before the sunrise. Afterward, I had a new and interesting breakfast.
Cantaloupe and oats cooked with 2 egg whites for added staying power.
 Later, I got myself looking all spiffy, and Mons and I went to Florida’s Friendliest Hometown for some quality sister bonding time. Good food makes good times that much better.
Panera classic cafe salad and black bean soup with an apple.
Mons was happy with her meal.
Bowl of broccoli and cheedar soup with sourdough OTS.
After a leisurely lunch, we walked around the square, slinking in and out of interesting shops along the way. 
Matching sisters. Cute, right?
 Then, we hit up my fave store, TJ Maxx, for some more shopping.

Bags in hand, we got some sweet treats, courtesy Chick-Fil-A. Mons and I debated getting a “small” ice cream (which is actually huge) or the kids’ size. We came to the conclusion that kidlet size would be sufficient.
I'm lovin' it. Wrong fast food motto, but who cares? 
Definitely my favorite ice cream ever. Easy to please.
 Later, Mumzy and I went to get my wedding dress. We got to our location early, so guess what we did: got food.

Bahama Breeze rocks my socks. We began our meal with some yummy cocktails.
Tropical delights. Sangria for me, Pina Colada for the mama.
 I planned on getting a salad, but the bad eating demons crept over me and I ended up ordering possibly the unhealthiest thing on the menu. In my defense, I was not aware that what I ordered was essentially a deep fried Cuban pizza.
Tostones and chicken bits topped with mushrooms, onions, jalapenos, salsa, and a ridiculous amount of cheese. This was an appetizer. No joke.
Mums got black beans and rice.
I devoured this in about 3.5 minutes. Devilishly delectable.
 After being sufficiently stuffed with spicy, greasy goodness, I went to try on my wedding dress. I figured, if it fits after eating like that, I was good to go…

It didn’t. But, let me clarify, this was not my fault. The seamstress admitted that she made the part around my ribs a little too tight. The same mistake was made on Mama’s dress. Nothing a little letting out can’t fix.  

After about an hour of girly chatting, we made our way back home. It was at that moment that I got the worst spell of indigestion in my life. Since I was already feeling like crap, I topped it off with a tea cookie. Probably not the best decision I’ve ever made. As I sit here, curled up in the fetal position while writing this post, I realize that the food I ate, although now rotting in my gut, was completely worth the pain. Cheers to livin' it up.

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