Friday, April 8

Five-Year-Old Antics

Can I just say that last night was ridiculous? Not as in, “We got CRAZAAAY!” ridiculous, but as in, “We are a bunch of five-year-olds.” Yep, I’m talking about me and my girls. When we get together, nothing ever goes as planned, yet we always manage to have more fun than we did the time before. But before the nonsense rolled around, a typical Thursday was in order.

I woke up at an ungodly hour and began my day with a hot cuppa de café, as usual. After all my junk was packed up and ready to head to Biff’s app, I had breakfast.
Tan-colored breakfast: chocolate banana protein shake and cinnamon oatmeal.
Then I proceeded to awaken and make breakfast for my Biff, who spent the night and whose alarm clock was apparently ineffective.

We headed off to Collegeville and I spent the next 4 hours in academic misery.

Luckily, the clock struck 1 PM, and it was time for my lunch.
Rots, yogurt, and Betty's Lou's Nut Butter Ball.

The ball got crumbled into the yogurt.
 Since Florida’s weather has been so unpredictable lately, I though it fitting to take advantage of it while the getting’ was good. Biff, Beccs, and I chilled out on a sheet in the middle of the quad like a bunch of hippies, eating our health food and talking about serving the community (our shared community service org).
Beautiful landscaping. Deeply philosophical conversation, to be sure.

 It was fantastic. My happiness, however, was cut short by my need to go over my senior thesis, which I would be defending to my professors at 4 PM.

After lunch and review, I headed to my fourth and final class of the day, which was spent outside, again, on the quad. Being at a small school where you’re friends with the professors makes school just a little bit better. You can convince them it’s a bad idea to waste perfectly good weather sitting inside in a classroom. With my classmates and me sitting in a circle around my cross-legged professor, it was like a scene from Classical Greece- or the 60s, sans the chemicals. Either way, I was really feeling the love.

My defense reassured me that I was on the right track with my life’s work, and I felt much more at ease, except for the fact that I was starved. I came back for an early dinner before Zumba with my Biff.
Sweet potato with sauteed onions (a whole onion, to be exact). This is a magical combination.
 Sadly, when we reached the gym, Zumba was nowhere to be found for the third week in a row. So I hit the treadmill for 45 minutes of interval walk/running. With almost with 4 miles behind me, I was feeling good. Sometimes, you just need to go for a run. Exercise is my drug of choice. I’m addicted and I’m not afraid to admit it.

When I returned to the app, it was time for us to get our groove on. To our disdain, we realized that the place we usually go would be filled with bubbles for a slippery dance party that sounded like an accident waiting to happen. No thank you. The verdict: stay inside and entertain ourselves with our own antics.
Taking a picture of taking a picture.

I'm not really sure what this was all about...
Snack #1

This is my Biff's secretary.
My Biff unhappy with her employee.
Snack #2

Biff with the lip. Me with the crazy eyes. What a pair.
"I'm singing, I'm singing!"  Name That Movie!!!!!
This would have been so great if not for the blur.

Throwin' up gang signs. My mother would be proud. Holla to my pookey (you know who you are).
This is where we spent 2 hours- in the hallway, on the floor.

We are so good at photo coordination.
Spending 2 hours sitting on the floor chatting about girl stuff and acting like giggly kids is arguably just as fun as going out on the town. I was completely satisfied with our change of plans. It’s one of the best parts of life, and it’s times like these when memories are made.

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