Wednesday, April 13


 On Monday, Moms and I shared one of the many major steps toward the first day of the rest of my life! Mama and I went to the bridal salon to get my dress fitted!! I had to wait until 3:30 for my appointment, but I had no trouble filling up that time with “stuff” that did not include homework. First up: breakfast.
Oatmeal Hotcakes and strawbeezies
 After breakfast, I spent the next 30 minutes waiting around for my mom to walk with me. After a sufficient amount of pestering, she still wasn’t ready to go, so I hit the weights like the best I am. In her defense, she was handling warranties on the phone all morning. Somehow, some way, the big ticket items went kaput at the same time. I am certain there was an appliance meeting in the middle of the night to arrange all of this. As of right now, our floor is warped from the leaking air conditioner and our front refrigerator is empty and hot.

After pumping iron, Mama and I finally went on that walk. Then I primped and ate a divine lunch.
Mixed veggies, pickle, and turkey provolone, onion, and mustard melt.
 Then we did some more walking when we went pre-shopping shopping for wedding dress undergarments while drinking Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. Perfection. 
Whip cream is non negotiable.
I look like my mother.
 Coffee is the elixir of the gods. I can drink it all day, e’rr day.

Upon arrival at the BS (ha), my dress was tucked and pulled to fit to a T. I’m happier now that I was when we bought it. I almost cried, but I managed to hold it together. Sharing moments like these with the best mom in the world are beyond awesome.
See how excited I am? ha. I am actually concentrating on my conversation with my lovey.
 After a successful alteration, we headed home and made din.
Chicken salad on a bead of spinach.
 Nothing got accomplished on Monday, but it was super exciting. I can’t wait to show you all pictures of the dress! But you’ll have to wait until the BIG DAY! Only 2 months to go.

This morning, I woke up and went back to the boring grind of school. Boo. At least breakfast was good.
Oatmeal, sliced nanner, and peanut butter.
 Sometimes, I can’t believe that we spend so much money so that I can spend hours listening to meaningless information taught by unintelligent professors. To be fair, most of my profs have been great, but the horrible ones just seem to ruin it for everyone. I’ve had quite enough of this nonsense.

I did take advantage of the gorgeous school grounds that we pay for and ate my lunch sitting on a towel in the grass.
Rice pudding and apple.
 Before Biff and I did our required volunteerism duties, I munched celery and cottage cheese (not pictured. duh). On the way home, I thought up a grandiose dinner, complete with stir-fried veggies. But, by the time I reached the front door, my stomach was not about to wait for stir-fry. Instead, I settled for this:
Sweet potato, hamburger with mustard and hot sauce, and cauliflower with soy sauce.
 I topped of my quick dinner with some dark chocolate. I can never get enough.

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