Sunday, April 24

Goodbye and Good Luck

This has been a whirlwind of a weekend, let me just tell you. All day Friday was spent working around the house, making sure everything was perfect for my going away/bridal shower/graduation/birthday party on Saturday. It was quite a task getting everything together, but we managed.

On Saturday, my work started at 6:45 AM. Mama, Gigantor, Mons, and I buzzed around the house cleaning and cooking. We also took to dogs for a 4 mile walk to make sure they were good and exhausted by the time the company arrived. Sometime during all of this madness, I ate my brekkie.

Then, around 12, I freshened up, got myself looking pretty, and set out the last-minute food for munching. From then on, the day was just a series of arrivals, hugs, eating, chatting, crying, catching up, and advice-giving. I really enjoyed myself, thanks to my awesome family’s planning. Here's the day in a photo nutshell:

By nighttime, I was pooped after the long day. As I laid in bed last night thinking that there are only 19 days to go until I leave my home and my family to move to another country with the love of my life, excitement, sadness, and happiness came over me all at once. It’s crazy to think that I won’t be seeing many of the people I saw yesterday for a year or more. But, the knowledge that I will be getting married and starting a new life with the person I love most is so exciting. I am definitely going to miss the fun with my awesome family, but it's time to go.


  1. the end of one journey should always mark the beginning of another ... else we'd probably just get board waiting at the finish line i guess :) so pack them bags and get ready for an awesome new start, see ya at the second best wedding of the century (Sonia's and mine was numero uno ;)) this is practice for my MC role :)

  2. That's how I've been feeling. I can't wait! Only a few more days to go until I jet set to my new destination! I miss everyone so much and I can't wait to see you guys and your gorgeous little one! And keep practicing! I think you're the perfect man for the job.