Wednesday, April 6

Too Cool For School

Tuesday was pretty much the most non-note-worthy day ever. Basically, the only interesting parts included food.

I ate a large breakfast in hopes of staying full for more than an hour.
Oatmeal with sliced banana and vanilla protein shake.
 I got to Biff’s, and realized that the weather would be reminiscent of last Thursday. In my inner debate about whether or not to go to class, I calculated the detriment another absence would be to my grade. Can I just tell you how often I do this? I have figured out how to calculate how little I can do and still pass a class. In doing so, I usually waste more time than it would take me to write the paper or sit in the class… which I usually end up doing anyway. I suppose the fact that I am even contemplating barely skimming by makes me feel like a big bad rebellious senior.

Good Ashley won the argument and I waltzed my little self to class, in the miserable rain. Boo. I sat through that, and one other boring academic session, and then headed back to Biff’s for lunch.

There, I ate another gigantic meal to curb my insatiable appetite while watching old episodes of Sex and the City. Priceless.
Cottage cheese with chick peas, cumin, and chili powder and raw peppers and rots.
GF chewy bar. Not too shabby.
 As my third class was quickly approaching, I found myself deliberating the importance of class attendance. Again, my good side triumphed. Considering the trouble I usually have in resisting my own personal arguments, good Ashley’s second victory was a big deal. I reluctantly made my way to yet another pointless discussion sesh.

Now, I’m home. Thank God. Sometimes, I wonder why I even bother getting out of bed for all of that nonsense. I have a bad feeling about the fate of my upcoming attendance record. Besides, food from home eaten at home is so much better than food from home eaten on the road.
Roasted chicken and roasted veggies.

Especially if that road leads to school.

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